Which is the savings or investment account that's right for you?
There are many good reasons to save. Perhaps you're looking to buy new furniture. Maybe you want to save for a
deposit on a house. Maybe you just want to have some spare cash for a rainy day.

Whatever your reasons, Standard Bank offers many types of savings and investment accounts to meet
your short and long-term savings goals.

Use this wizard to find the Standard Bank account that's right for you.
Should you need to get more information contact our Savings and Investments Line on 0860 001 321.
Use this tool to find out the right Standard Bank Savings or Investment account for you.
It will take you about 1 minute to answer a few simple questions about your account requirements.
At the end we will suggest an account that best fits your chosen criteria.

All of the products suggested by this wizard are low-risk deposit accounts, which means that the products basically
work like bank accounts and the money you put into them will be secure.
Call deposit
A call deposit is an investment account that earns you good interest - with immediate access to your money. You only need a minimum opening deposit of R 1000, and you can add to your investment account whenever you need to. You can access your money by transferring into another account. This can be done via Internet Banking, ATM, or at the branch. Besides a cash deposit fee, there are no charges.
Call deposit calculator
What is your target savings amount?
How much money will you put in when you open your account?
How much are you planning on saving each month?
How long are you planning to save for?
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Please consider the clause that follows carefully as it limits The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited’s liability and constitutes an assumption of risk by you. This calculator is intended to assist you to estimate how the money you save will increase over time and is not financial advice. The estimate assumes that the interest rate remains constant for the length of time you have selected in your calculation, that interest accumulates daily and is added to your investment monthly. But interest rates may change from time to time. We are not responsible for any loss or damages, which you may suffer if you rely on a result generated by the calculator to decide how to invest your money.