Properties in possession

Interested in buying a Bank Repo?

What is a PIP (Property in Possession)?

"These are bank-owned properties that were bought at a public auction. Properties are usually bought to recover the outstanding debt on a home loan account.

Where can I view and how can I make an offer to purchase a PIP?

To view a complete list of Standard Bank repossessed properties, click here. (This list is administrated and kept up to date in real time by



This list is produced by the Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd ("the Bank") for information purposes only. The Bank does not warrant that the information on this list is true and correct, nor that properties appearing on this list are still available for sale. All properties are sold "voetstoots" (meaning as is), and prospective purchasers' are advised that the Bank does not guarantee vacant occupation of the properties being sold, and purchasers will have to obtain vacant occupation at their own cost. You are advised to consult the relevant Deeds Registry Office for accurate information pertaining to a particular property, such as size, endorsements, servitudes etc.

All users of the information on this list do so at their own risk. The Bank will not be liable for any losses of whatsoever nature incurred, as a direct or indirect result of the use of the information on this list."

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