When you become a customer and at any reasonable time you ask, we will give you:

Key features:



  • Clear written information explaining the key features of our main services and products
  • Clear and appropriate information on the different types of products and accounts available from us to assist you to make an informed choice appropriate to your needs
  • Recommended safety measures and tips on our services and products in which you express an interest.


Your account:

Information on how your account works, including:



  • Stopping a cheque or other types of payment
  • When funds can be withdrawn after a deposit has been paid into Your account and when funds begin to earn interest
  • Unpaid cheques
  • Stale cheques
  • When your account details may be passed to credit reference agencies
  • The various methods of issuing a cheque
  • The difference between and the implications of bank guaranteed cheques and bank cheques, where appropriate
  • Special clearance and the effect(s) it may have on your account
  • How debit orders and stop orders work, the difference between the two and how to stop and/or cancel them
  • Information on electronic banking services including the special requirements that we expect of you if you bank electronically
  • The different functions of any card(s) issued to you
  • Any special procedures or safeguards required of you to ensure safer banking.





  • Details of charges for basic banking services - full details of charges for any service are available on request; and
  • Information whether fees or charges are negotiable or not.


Interest rates:



  • Information on the interest rates which apply to Your account(s), when interest will be deducted from or paid to you and the basis on which interest is calculated
  • When increases are made to the interest rates that apply to your account(s). We will communicate any increase in the mortgage rate in the public media, as well as directly to you.

ATM charges


We will notify you of changes to ATM charges with ATM messages and/or advertisements in the media. Details of these charges can be obtained from Standard Bank.

Overdrafts and fixed term products


We will inform you of any additional charges and interest you may have to pay when:

  • Your account becomes overdrawn without prior agreement;
  • you exceed your overdraft limit
  • your loan falls into arrears
  • you decide to settle a loan early
  • You make early withdrawal or early cancellation.

Mortgage loans


When you apply for a mortgage loan, and at any reasonable time you ask, we will explain to you the operation and repayment of your mortgage, including all the charges and costs, the benefits of payment acceleration and additional interest costs payable should you fall into arrears, and the steps required in law should we have to act to repossess it if you are unable to meet your repayment obligations.

Other charges


We will inform you of the charges (and the applicable amount where possible) for any other service or product before or when it is provided to you or at any reasonable time you ask while you are a customer.

Terms and conditions


Plain language:

All written terms and conditions will be fair in substance and will set out your applicable rights and responsibilities clearly and in plain language, with legal and technical language used only where necessary. Where legal and technical language occurs we will provide an explanation.


We will not close your account without giving you reasonable prior notice at the last address provided by you to us. However, we reserve the right to protect our interests should we have to act against you for defaulting on your account or in the event of fraud or suspected fraud on your account, or when we are compelled to by law.

Keeping you informed of changes


Terms and conditions:

Occasionally terms and conditions may have to be changed. We will give you reasonable notice of these changes before they become effective such that you will have time to decide if you want to continue with the product or service, taking the changes into account, or if you want to cancel that product or service. If there have been significant changes to terms or conditions over any one year, we will give or send you a copy of the new terms and conditions or a summary of the changes at the last address provided by you to us.


If there is a change in the charges for basic banking services, we will give you reasonable prior notice by either:

  • Letter/statement/other personal notice; or
  • Notices/leaflets in branches; or
  • ATM/electronic banking system messages; or
  • Media advertisement; or
  • Internet banking; or
  • Email messages; or
  • Telephonic announcements (through short message services [SMS]); or
  • Announcements on our website.

Interest rates:

The interest rates, which apply to Your accounts, may change from time to time because of the volatile international and local financial markets. We will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible of changes in interest rates. In the case of mortgage loans we will, at the absolute minimum, give notice in the public media of any increase (but not decrease) in interest rate. We will moreover, give notice of change in any interest rates the next time we communicate with you in writing through a bank statement or other communication, and in terms of the requirements of prevailing legislation.

Marketing of services


We may bring to your attention details of our other services and products, which may be of benefit to you.

However, when you become a customer, we will give you the opportunity to say that you do not wish to receive this information.

Consent to group marketing:

In order to enhance our existing relationships with you we may give certain information about you to other subsidiaries within our group for marketing purposes.

However, when you become a customer, we will give you the opportunity to say that you do not wish to receive this information.

Withholding consent:

In both the above cases, if you are a new customer we will first obtain your consent to do this. In the case of existing clients, we will inform you that you may withhold your consent to our doing this, and how to exercise that choice. If you do not withhold your consent, we will presume that you have agreed to our continuing the practice. You will not be pressurised for your consent in return for our services and products

Responsible credit:

We will market and approve loans responsibly in an attempt to ensure that you are not extended financially beyond your means. However you have an obligation to inform us and keep us informed of all your loans, other financial commitments, income and changes to these and continuously to act responsibly in all your financial affairs.


We will ensure that all advertising and promotional material is clear, fair, reasonable and not misleading. We will comply with the appropriate advertising authority guidelines.

Mortgage loans


Buying a home with a mortgage loan may be your most important financial commitment. We will assist you to understand the wider responsibilities and rights that you will have as a homeowner, and assist you with a detailed affordability assessment should you require it. The impact of variable versus fixed interest rates will be clearly explained to you so that you can make an informed decision. It will also be explained to you that you could lose your house should you not keep up your loan repayments. We will explain to you the requirements imposed by law in the event of the bank having to repossess your home due to your non-adherence to the conditions of the contract.

As financiers we do not have the skills or the resources to monitor or control the quality of the building you are building or buying. We will clearly inform you that our appraisal is solely to enable us to assess the value of the security to us. It is not intended to be an evaluation of the present or future market value of the property, nor does it have to be the same as the purchase price. We have not necessarily inspected the property and do not accept any responsibility or liability for the structural or other condition of the security, even if the loan is a development or building loan.

Should you require it, we will provide you with:

  • The assessed value of the property; and
  • The minimum replacement cost for insurance purposes that we have placed on the buildings and improvements.

Issues of home quality are the responsibility of the seller (or builder or developer) and yourself as buyer. Homes younger than 5 years may also have a National Home Builders Registration Council Limited Warranty. You must satisfy yourself to the best of your ability that you are buying a good product and if necessary obtain assurance as to the structural quality of the property, compliance with local authority requirements and replacement costs of the buildings and improvements from the proper experts.

When your mortgage bond has been paid up we will inform you how annual insurance premiums, other charges and administrative matters can be dealt with in future.

Savings and investment accounts


We will take care to give you clear and appropriate information on the different types of savings and investment accounts available from us to help you make an informed choice on the products to fit your needs. We will help you understand how your savings and investment accounts work, including any additional charges or loss of interest for withdrawal or early cancellation. Should you wish to consider the tax implications of your choice of investment, you should seek independent advice from an appropriate consultant qualified to provide this to you.

You should ensure that you manage your savings and investments properly in order to meet your personal financial needs and circumstances. You should make yourself aware of the opportunities for savings and investments in the financial market place. Remember only to deal with reputable product suppliers.

As regards investments which automatically rollover at the end of their term, we expect you will inform us should you not want this to happen.

Closure of bank branches and ATM centres:


We will give reasonable prior notice of our intention to close any of our bank branches, outlets or ATM/electronic banking centres.


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