Proof of income

What proof of income is required?

We require proof of income documentation from you - this table lists the documents acceptable to us. Find the description that suits you in the left-hand column, and match it to the documentation on the right.

Source of income Acceptable documentation
Salary earner Payslip or Letter from employer with breakdown of earnings - not older than two months.
Wage earner Four weeks' payslips or a letter from your employer with a breakdown of earnings - not older than two months.
Director of of Private or Public Company Audited company financial statements and a letter from the company auditors for any additional benefits other than director's remuneration.
Member of close corporation(source of income is from CC Corporation's financial statements and letter from the accounting officer for any additional benefits other than the member's remuneration.
Trustee of a trust Proof of earnings from the individual trustees from whom suretyships will be taken.
Sole proprietor and partnership Financial statements or most current tax assessment

Under what conditions will you accept a letter from the employer, financial statements or accounting officer confirmation?

Letter from employer

This must be on an official letterhead with the following information:

  • Contact telephone numbers
  • Names of directors, partners or members
  • Full name and designation of the person confirming the income
  • Current date - not older than two months

Financial statements

These must be for the most recent trading year, and they must be signed.
The following documents are required:

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statements
  • Cash flow statement

Accounting officer

The accounting officer must be a registered accountant with one of the following qualifications:

  • Chartered Institute of Secretaries (CIS )
  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
  • National Diploma in Accountancy
  • Member of the Commercial and Financial Accountants Association


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