Features and benefits

Your card gives you direct access to the money in your transaction account, whether you are in South Africa or travelling abroad.

Your card is linked to your bank account, and purchases and ATM withdrawals come off it immediately. This helps you to budget and ensures you don't overspend. You can link as many as nine accounts to your card but you can only spend from your two primary accounts linked to the card, which are a "savings" and "current" account.

Some shops will let you draw cash from your account when you pay with your debit card. However, this depends on the shop and you should always ask if it offers this service.

Your Standard Bank Visa or Maestro debit card opens your door to the world by giving you access to the money in your account wherever you are. You can use it internationally to pay for your purchases and to withdraw cash from any ATM displaying the Visa or Maestro sign.
You can easily track your transactions as the details appear on your monthly statement.

You can apply for a secondary card for your spouse, partner or child and have it linked to your account. Both cardholders will be able to access the accounts linked to their cards. The account holder and the additional cardholder are responsible for all transactions on the account.

Paying with your card is safe because each transaction is secured by dual authorisation. This means you need both your card and PIN for the transaction.

The bank charges on purchases are lower than those for cheques and cash. There is no annual fee charged on your card. Click here for more information on fees.

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