Agricultural production loan

You have access to an agricultural production loan, which is short-term credit that enables you to pay for your agricultural inputs. Around the country, farmers are using this type of loan for annual inputs for cash crops (grain and vegetables), annual and perennial crops, livestock and feedlot farming. We provide these loans to individual farmers, groups and legal entities in the agricultural sector including commercial farmers and agri-businesses.

Input costs that qualify for production credit include:


  • Seeds
  • Fertiliser
  • Fuel
  • Oil and Lubricants
  • Weed killers and pesticides
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Coal (Tobacco)
  • Crop insurance premiums
  • Electricity
  • Water levies
  • Initial margins in the case of futures trading etc.


  • Veterinary services and medication
  • Fodder and animal feed
  • Wool bags
  • Dipping fluid
  • Al seed and Al nitrogen
  • Fuel, oil and lubricants
  • Ear tags
  • Electricity
  • Livestock
  • Loans must be paid back in full at the end of each season (at the latest a year after it was taken up)
  • The loan limit depends on your risk profile. In assessing this, we will take into account any other medium- to long-term loans you have
  • Loan ceilings apply whether you are medium or high-risk.


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