How to shop online

5 easy steps to buying online...

Step 1: Getting started
Make sure you have registered the card you want to use for online shopping with Internet banking (see Getting started)

Step 2: Select your items and start payment

  • Visit your preferred AutoPay-enabled online shop
  • Choose the items you want to buy
  • Proceed to the checkout and complete whatever details are required by the merchant for delivery
  • From a list of possible payment options on the shopping site, select 'Standard Bank AutoPay`
  • You may get a message that the page you are trying to access includes secure and non-secure items, and be asked if you want to view the page. Select "Yes"
  • Select the "AutoPay" button

Step 3: Fill in your name and password

Step 4: Confirm account
Confirm which account you want to use (you may have a number of accounts linked to your Standard Bank ATM card) and select

Step 5: Submit payment
Check that your details are correct and click "Confirm"

Note: for your protection you are unable to submit payments for the same amount to the same shop on the same day.

You should receive a successful payment message


  • The CDI reference refers to a shop registered with Standard Bank.
  • Beneficiary reference refers to information appearing on your statements


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