Most frequently asked questions:

Q: Does Standard Bank provide finance to purchase agricultural land?
A: We most certainly do.

Q: What loan structure is the most appropriate to finance the purchase of a new farm?
A: The purchase of agricultural land is normally financed on a Medium Term Loan repayable over a maximum period of 10 years.

Q: Who handles the application for Agricultural Business?
A: In the metro and non-metro areas, applications for agricultural business are handled by the business managers.

Q: What information do we need from the customer to be able to prepare an application for finance of an agricultural business?

1. Property Details (Copy of purchase agreement or title deeds)
2. Business Plan (Cash flow of the farming operation)
3. Financial Statements (Of the property holding and trading entities)
4. Security Assessment

Q: What property details do we need to do a Security Assessment?

1. What is the legal description of the property?
2. What is the size of the property?
3. Where is the property located?
4. In who's name is the property registered?
5. What is the property used for? What do they produce?
6. What bonds are registered over the property?

Q: Where should a Security Assessment be obtained from?
A: Agricultural segment of Business Banking

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