Financial trouble

Financial difficulties 


We will take care to understand your financial difficulties provided you approach us in good time. Should Your account go into default, our first step will be to try to contact you to discuss the matter and it is imperative that you inform us at all times of any changes in your address and contact numbers.

How we can help


If you find yourself in financial difficulties, you should let us know and in particular respond to communications we send to you as soon as possible. The sooner we discuss your problems, the easier it will be for both of us to find a solution. The more you tell us about your full financial circumstances, the more we may be able to help.

With your co-operation, we will take reasonable steps to develop a plan with you for dealing with your financial difficulties, consistent with both our interests and yours.



Internal procedures:



We have internal procedures for handling complaints fairly and speedily and we will inform you what these are. These may include establishing a set time for an initial acknowledgement to your complaint. We will tell you how long it might take us to respond more fully.

If you wish to make a complaint, we will inform you how to do so and, what to do if you are not happy about the outcome. Staff will help you with any queries.


Ombudsman for Banking Services:



An independent Ombudsman for Banking Services Office has been established. The Ombudsman for Banking Services is available at no cost to you to consider any complaint that we have not been able to resolve with you.

The Ombudsman for Banking Services is entitled to mediate, make a determination based on this Code or on the law where the law is reasonably certain or make a recommendation in other circumstances including those based on equity.

If we decline to accept any recommendation made by the Ombudsman for Banking Services, then the Ombudsman may, at their discretion, publish the fact that a recommendation was made and we have refused to accept it.

A determination made by the Ombudsman for Banking Services may be made an order of the court.

All banks that are members of the Banking Council South Africa are automatically subject to the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman for Banking Services. We will supply you with the Ombudsman for Banking Service's brochure, address, telephone and fax numbers and we will ensure that the Ombudsman for Banking Service's contact details are prominently displayed in our branches.

If we fail to resolve your dispute with us, or at your request, we will provide you with the documentation required to lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman for Banking Service's Office.

PO Box 5728
Telephone number (011) 838 0035
Fax number (011) 838 0043.


Review body:



This Code is monitored and regularly reviewed by the Banking Council. Complaints and suggestions concerning the terms and general operation of the Code can be made in writing to the Banking council.


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