For personal lending your Private Banker will help you choose from a simple personal loan, an overdraft facility, or even a customised medium-term loan


An overdraft is a credit facility that is loaded to your Standard Bank current account. The Overdraft helps you to:

  • Manage your cash flow in months where you have high expenditure

  • Finance small recurring expenses; and

  • Afford unforeseen expenses which you intend to pay off over a short period of time.

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Revolving Credit Plan Loan (RCP)

RCP’s are suitable for financing large payments or purchases or if you require credit over an extended period. It allows you to borrow again up to your original loan amount, once you have repaid 15% of the loan.

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Medium Term Loan (MTL)

The Medium Term Loan (MTL) facility is a customised term loan product and is repayable according to an individualised agreement. This type of loan is suitable for capital expenditure or to purchase fixed assets.

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Home Loan

Your Private Banker will ensure that you get preferential treatment on your home loan, handle your application, and ensure that your credit assessment is done on your behalf.

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Vehicle and Asset Finance

Our vehicle and asset finance packages are flexible, offering a finance package structured according to your needs and cash flow.  Your Private Banker will manage the application on your behalf.

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