Before deciding whether to Franchise your business, the following need to be considered:

Credibility and a proven concept: The concept needs to be proven. The business must have a good track record and an experienced management team.

Profitability: The franchisee and franchisor should obtain a reasonable profit. The franchisor should receive a return on the investment in the development costs. The franchisee should receive a return on the investment in setting up an individual outlet.

Uniqueness: The business to be franchised needs to have a unique selling point that will allow it to differentiate its products or services from those of its competitors.

Sustainable and growing demand: The franchisor needs to ensure that demand exists in different areas, and that the product has staying power. The market for the product or service should be growing and the demand must be sustainable.

Intellectual property and systems: The business needs to have a set of systems, procedures, expertise, skills and know-how that optimises every operational step.

Transfer of skills: It must be possible to train prospective franchisees lacking experience in the sector within a reasonable period.

Support infrastructure must be in place: The franchisor must provide intensive initial and ongoing support to franchisees. This requires manpower, facilities, a veritable set of skills and absolute dedication to the creation of win/win outcomes.


Accreditation checklist:

  • The latest Disclosure Document
  • Franchise or License Agreement
  • Completed background information form
  • Latest audited financial statements and management accounts for the franchisor and any related subsidiaries
  • Operations Manual content summary; Group family tree.


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