Here are the top 10 fraud risks to look out for:

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1. Identity theft
Identity theft occurs when someone wrongfully acquires or uses another person's personal and financial data, typically for their own financial gain.
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  2. Phishing
Phishing is an impersonation of a corporation or trusted institutions that aims to steal valuable information such as credit card, user IDs and passwords.
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3. Card fraud and skimming
Skimming is the practice of extracting the information from the magnetic stripe on a credit card with the intention of making a copy of the card.
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  4. ATM fraud
Various dubious methods are used to fraudulently withdraw funds out of customer's accounts.
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5. SIM swap fraud
Fraudsters obtain and utilise the customer's replacement SIM card to acquire security messages and one-time passwords sent to the customer by the bank.
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  6. Cheque fraud
The act of fraudulently obtaining and using cheques for financial gain.
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7. Deposit slip scams
Such scams occur when deposit slips are used to trick people into transferring money into fraudster's accounts.
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  8. Pharming
Pharming aims to redirect a website's traffic to another bogus website through domain spoofing to obtain confidential information such as your passwords.
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9. Money laundering
Money laundering is the process whereby the origin of funds generated by illegal means (ie. drug trafficking, gun smuggling, corruption, etc.) is concealed.
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  10. Nigerian scams/ advanced fee fraud
Perpetrators of 419 Nigerian scams operate by sending the victim an unsolicited letter, fax or email containing either an illegitimate or illegal proposal.
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