Directors' responsibility for financial reporting

In accordance with Companies Act requirements, the directors are responsible for the preparation of the annual financial statements which conform with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and which, in accordance with those statements, fairly present the state of affairs of the company and the group as at the end of the financial year, and the net income and cash flows for that period.

It is the responsibility of the independent auditors to report on the fair presentation of the financial statements.

The directors are ultimately responsible for the internal controls. Management enables the directors to meet these responsibilities. Standards and systems of internal control are designed and implemented by management to provide reasonable assurance as to the integrity and reliability of the financial statements in accordance with IFRS and to adequately safeguard, verify and maintain accountability for group assets. Accounting policies supported by judgements, estimates and assumptions, which comply with IFRS, are applied on a consistent and going concern basis. Systems and controls include the proper delegation of responsibilities within a clearly defined framework, effective accounting procedures and adequate segregation of duties.

Systems and controls are monitored throughout the group. Greater detail of such, including the operation of the internal audit function, is provided in the corporate governance and the risk management sections of the report respectively.

Based on the information and explanations given by management and the internal and external auditors, the directors are of the opinion that the accounting controls are adequate and that the financial records may be relied upon for preparing the financial statements in accordance with IFRS and maintaining accountability for the group’s assets and liabilities. Nothing has come to the attention of the directors to indicate that any breakdown in the functioning of these controls, resulting in material loss to the group, has occurred during the year and up to the date of this report. The directors have a reasonable expectation that the company and the group have adequate resources to continue in operational existence for the foreseeable future. For this reason, they continue to adopt the going concern basis in preparing the financial statements.

The financial statements, prepared in accordance with IFRS, were approved by the board of directors on 8 March 2006 and signed on its behalf by:

Derek Cooper Jacko Maree
Derek Cooper Jacko Maree
Chairman Chief executive