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Dread disease insurance provides you with financial protection against the high cost of a serious illness. It is an ideal "top-up" policy to your medical aid.

With a Dread disease insurance plan you will receive a cash lump sum benefit should you be diagnosed as suffering from a serious condition, such as kidney failure or cancer. The cost of treatment for such conditions could result in serious financial problems but with this insurance plan, you will receive a tax-free cash benefit to help you to pay your medical bills. Even if you are covered by a medical aid plan, you are still entitled to benefits. These benefits are paid directly to you.


  • Four plans to choose from:






    individual and spouse


    single parent family


    entire immediate family

  • Benefits are payable over and above medical aid and other insurance benefits
  • Guaranteed acceptance - no medical examination required
  • No excess
  • No need to be hospitalised to receive benefits
  • Cash benefits are paid directly to the insured
  • Competitive monthly premiums - payable by bank debit order
  • Cover continues to age 70
To apply for immediate cover or to find out more about the specific plans, phone our insurance help line on 0860 012 301 during office hours or email us at