Standard Bank Pro20 Series - playing conditions

The Playing Conditions for the Standard Bank Pro20 Series is as per domestic 45 overs cricket, with the exception of the following:

Match regulations
  • Each team shall bat for 20 overs unless all out earlier
  • A free hit for a "front foot" no-ball
  • No-ball penalized by 2 runs
  • 7-over fielding restrictions
  • A minimum of 5 bowlers, bowling 4 overs each
  • A minimum of 7 overs per side constitutes a match
  • Points deducted from log for slow over rate of 1 point per over not completed
The log
The points system for the log is as follows:
  • Win, with bonus point:
  • 6 points
  • Win, without bonus point:
  • 5 points
  • Tie:
  • 3 point
  • No result:
  • 2 points
  • Loss, but not conceding bonus point:
  • 1 points
  • Loss, conceding bonus point:
  • 0 points

    Semi-finals and final
    • A "no-result" semi-final will be determined by past performance in the preliminary round
    • A tied semi-final will be determined by performance based criteria from that match. These criteria will be confirmed at a later date
    Playing times
    • Day matches begin at 2.30pm and day/ night matches at 6pm (Unless otherwise stipulated by CSA)
    • The lunch/ dinner break is 20 minutes
    Day matches:
    1st Innings: 2.30pm - 3.55pm
    2nd Innings: 4.15pm - 5.40pm

    Day/night matches:
    1st Innings: 6 pm - 7.25 pm
    2nd Innings: 7.45pm - 9:10 pm

    (Please Note: SABC televised matches on 22 January 2006 and 5 of february will begin at 14H05. Matches on Wednesday the 01 february 2006 in Durban will begin at 18H00 with the delayed broadcast at 19H30.)