What is a one-time password (OTP)?
It is a single, unique and time-sensitive password used as added security on Internet banking. The password does not replace your
User ID and Logon password . The one-time password will be sent to you via SMS.

You will no longer be required to enter a Transaction Confirmation Password when performing a financial transaction.

How does it work?
Your password will be sent to your cell phone whenever you perform transactions that require an OTP. The system will prompt you to
enter your password after which you will be able to continue with your banking.

Which transactions require me to use an OTP?
  • Adding company and private beneficiaries
  • Amending company and private beneficiaries
  • Changing your cellphone number
Do I need a different OTP for multiple transactions?
No, a single one-time password can be used to perform multiple activities in one internet banking session.

How will you send my OTP to me?
Your OTP will be sent to your cellphone via SMS.

Can I use the same OTP once I have logged off? No, it is only valid for one Internet banking session. Once you have used your OTP for an Internet banking session, you cannot use it again.

Can the original password be resent to me?
No, whenever you perform a transaction requiring an OTP, a new password will be sent to you.

How long is the password valid for?
It is valid for:
  • One Internet banking session only.
  • Fifteen minutes from the time you receive it.
How much does it cost?
There is no cost for the service.

How do I amend my cell number ?

If you do not have your old number / SIM card
Visit you closest branch where the branch consultant will be able to change your cellphone number for you.

If you have your old number / SIM card
Log on to Internet Banking, and select Cellphone number under Settings. You will be asked to verify yourself with a one-time password that will be sent to your old cell number. You will then be able to enter in your new cell number. All future one-time passwords will be sent to your new number.

What security is in place for the one-time password?
The one-time password is only sent to your cell phone number. Once your cellphone number has been linked to you it cannot be linked to anybody else.

If you enter the one-time password incorrectly three times, a new one-time password will be automatically sent to your cell phone. If you enter the new one-time password incorrectly three times your one-time password profile will be locked.

How do I unlock my one-time password profile?
Visit your closest branch where the branch consultant will be able to unlock your one-time password profile for you.