We provide finance for you to acquire moveable assets, include cars, motorcycles, aircraft, farm equipment and other heavy duty machinery.

Some of the Benefits:
  • You get up to 60 months to repay the loan and you have full use of the asset during that time
  • We offer competitive rates
  • You may opt for monthly, quarterly or bi-annual repayments

Credit cards

Our credit cards enable you to pay for purchases or withdraw cash at any MasterCard enabled terminal, such as an ATM and point-of-sale, and over the Internet).

Some of the Benefits:
  • You get up to 55 days interest-free period on payment transactions
  • MasterCard is accepted in over 20-million locations around the world


If you are in the market to buy a home, consider a loan from Stanbic IBTC Bank.
With a minimum equity contribution as low as 10% for an outright purchase, the affordable monthly repayments can be spread over up to 20 years.

Some of the Benefits:
  • Flexible principal repayments monthly, quarterly or once or twice a year.
  • With your home loan, you also get a MasterCard international credit card with no additional approvals needed

Personal Loan

A fixed-term loan is a good option if you need financing to buy goods and want to pay it off over a certain period. This kind of loan means that you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay back every month because the amount is agreed on upfront.
Consider a revolving term loan if you need financing over a much longer period. The main advantage to this sort of loan is that the amount initially approved will always be available to you when you need it.
This revolving feature means that whatever you pay off on the loan (or do not use) can be used at another time.
Because it revolves, there are fixed repayments but there is no definite repayment period.