A notice deposit is an investment account that earns interest as you save. If you want to draw money from your account, you must give us 32 days' notice.

You need an opening deposit of R1 000, but you can add to your investment at any time as long as you add more than R250 at any one time. You can give notice to withdraw money from your account whenever you choose, either for all or some of the money as long as it is at least R250.

You can withdraw your money at your branch or have it paid into another Standard Bank account 32 days after giving us notice.

But remember, the higher your balance, the higher the interest you earn.

What you will need to do

Visit a branch with:
  • an opening deposit of R1 000
  • your identity document or birth certificate;
  • a document reflecting your parents' or legal guardian's name and residential address. This could be their latest electricity or telephone account, together with written confirmation that you live with them; and
  • if you are under 16, a parent or legal guardian with their identity document to sign the application form.
If you are 16 or older and you have an AutoBank card you will be able to open and manage an electronic notice deposit account through Internet banking, an AutoPlus machine or our Customer Contact Centre on 0860 123 000.

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