Need a savings account that will help your money grow?

PureSave is a simple card-based savings account for the smaller saver. The account has a low minimum opening deposit and you earn competitive interest. You can deposit your spare cash into the account at any time, and it's available on demand. Best of all, your savings will grow as there is no monthly management fee charged on your account.

Since PureSave encourages savings, very limited transaction functionality is allowed on the account. However, you are able to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds to and from the account.

What you need to do

Visit a branch with:
  • an opening deposit of R50
  • your identity document or birth certificate;
  • a document reflecting your parents' or legal guardian's name and residential address. This could be their latest electricity or telephone account, together with written confirmation that you live with them; and
  • if you are under 16, a parent or legal guardian with their identity document to sign the application form.
To keep your account open you need to keep a minimum balance of R50.

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