Business Current Account

Maximise transacting convenience while minimising time spent on administration.

A Business Current Account provides you with a secure means of paying and collecting funds. It also acts as a gateway to tools and services such as online banking services through our Business Online platform. Depending on your credit rating, you’ll have access to an overdraft and a range of business lending solutions.

A Business Current Account may suit your business if:

  • You want access to a single point of contact through an account executive
  • You want to build a banking relationship and credit risk profile with Standard Bank
  • You need to make deposits, withdrawals and payments to third parties using various channels; as well as receive funds from your customers
  • You need to keep accurate banking records


There is no opening deposit or minimum balance required for a Business Current Account. However, to avoid penalties and to prevent the account even being closed, ensure that there is always enough money in the account to cover payments as well as fees.

Features and benefits

  • Serves as the entry point for accessing our full suite of Business Banking solutions
  • Your Business Current Account is simple to manage, enabling you to transact in the way that works best for you
  • Conduct your banking online, by phone, cellphone and at any AutoBank machine
  • Pay for business purchases at merchants displaying the Maestro sign
  • Cutting edge security features built into your Business AutoBank card enable you to issue cards to as many employees as you need. You can also manage monthly limits on all cards
  • Get access to an overdraft and a range of business lending solutions, depending on your credit rating

How to apply

  • Need a Business Current Account? Contact your account executive or relationship manager.
  • Complete the form below and a consultant will call you back. 

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