Other legal persons


Information needed

Acceptable verification documents


  • Identifying name
  • Legal form
  • The constitution or founding document (if in existence).

    Where there is no founding document or constitution the applicant must declare in writing to the bank that no such founding document/constitution is in existence.


  • Physical business address

As per identification above.

Profiling information (only for new customers)

  • Source of income
  • Source of funds that the customer expects to use in concluding transactions in the course of the business relationship
  • Type of activity that we can expect on the account

No verification documents are currently required.

Authorised signatories

All authorised signatories must be identified as per the mandatory information for individual customers.

Persons who act on behalf of an "other legal person"

  • They must be identified and verified as per the mandatory information for individual customers.
  • Written confirmation that the person has authority to act on behalf of the trust is needed.

For individual related parties

  • No residential address verifications are required
  • No profiling information is required
  • Contact details is an additional requirement.

For corporate related parties

No profiling information is required.

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