Use this calculator to work out various bond repayment scenarios - simply click on the question you wish to have answered.

Affordability - This is my income, how much do I qualify for?
Calculates the maximum bond you qualify for based on your monthly income

Monthly Repayment - This is my loan amount, how much will I pay?
This calculates your monthly repayment based on the loan amount and bond term

Additional Payment - What happens if I pay extra each month?
This calculates what would happen if you pay extra each month.

Multiple Payments - What happens if I pay more than once per month?
Calculates the effect on your bond if you make multiple payments per month

Selected Repayment - I know what I can afford to pay, calculate the loan value
This calculates the maximum bond based on the monthly repayment

Bond Term - How soon can I repay my loan?
This calculates how many years it would take you to pay off your loan based on the repayment amount.

Please note that if you increase the loan term, your monthly instalment will decrease.

Confirm the calculation by phoning 0860 123 001 for an official quotation. All loan applications are assessed in terms of Standard Bank's normal credit granting criteria.


Standard Bank provides the calculators for your convenience .All rates and fees used in the calculations are provided as an indicator only, and any fees quoted herein are subject to change. These in no way represent a guarantee that we will grant you a loan.


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