Homeowners insurance

A comprehensive homeowner's insurance policy protects your home from the risk of structural damage, including fire damage, storm damage or a burst geyser. Standard Bank Insurance Limited's comprehensive insurance policy provides hassle free, reliable cover with excellent value-added benefits.

This sort of policy is compulsory if you have a home loan.

Our rates include South African Special Risks Insurance (Sasria) cover, plus limited subsidence and landslip cover. Your property must be fully insured for the duration of your bond agreement as laid down in the Insurance and Usury Acts.

The insured value of your home will be increased annually by a percentage linked to the inflation rate of building. We calculate that figure but you must still ensure that you have adequate insurance.

Click here to download your copy of the new Homeowner's policy book.


Best suited for:

  • Anyone owning a home


This policy covers the building structure of your home.

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