Complaints Resolution Centre

  Complaints Process
Stage 1 - Bring the complaint under the attention of the staff in your Branch or Suite. Ensure that they provide you with a reference number and an expected time frame for resolution feedback.

The Complaints can also be logged on the website through the provided "disappointed" link Disappointed

Regular feedback will be provided until the complaint is resolved
Stage 2 - Should the outcome of the complaint not be acceptable and you feel that you want to escalate the complaint,
  • It must be brought under the attention of the Complaints Resolution Centre
    • on 0860 101 101
    • Email through to the Complaints Resolution Centre on [email protected].
    • Or fax 011-636-8860
    Please mention the reference number previously provided with all the relevant information
  • The Complaints Resolution Centre will review the outcome and provide you with a letter if necessary to refer you to the Ombudsman.
  • The form provided herewith should also be completed signed and both documents (the referral letter from the CRC and the completed and signed Ombudsman form) should be forwarded to the Ombudsman as per his instructions, the details are provided below:
  • Click here for Ombudsman SA form.
Stage 3 - External Ombudsman process.