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The bank requires your personal details and certain information about your finances to enable it to do credit checks prior to a decision being made on the application.

Applications are subject to the bank's normal credit approval criteria.

The full terms and conditions will be included in the Letter of Grant.

If you are not the only applicant, please ensure that the other applicants are aware of the requirements.


Standard Bank Namibia protects all customer information on the Internet.

To protect your information 40-bit encryption has been put in place which will prevent unauthorised viewing of your personal details.

While Standard Bank Namibia has endeavoured to protect your information from observation by a third party during transit, the bank cannot be held liable for any damage or costs you might incur as a result of unauthorised viewing of your information. I/We agree to be bound by the bank's standard conditions for mortgage loans.

I/We agree to be bound by the bank's standard conditions for mortgage loans.

I/We declare that to the best of my/our knowledge and belief the particulars set out in this application are true and correct and that no information which might affect the decision of the bank has been withheld.

I/We acknowledge that I/We shall be liable for the administration fees and wasted costs incurred by the bank or its attorneys in the event of my/our withdrawing my/our loan request any time after it has been granted.

I/We hereby authorise the Bank to make enquiries to verify my information given on this form, to request and obtain information from credit bureaus in order to assess this application and to provide both positive and negative information to selected credit bureaus on the performance of any loans arising herefrom.

I/We acknowledge that the purchase price declaration above is material to the Bank and based on this information the Bank will decide on whether and to what extent a loan will be granted. Materially incorrect information could lead to this loan being withdrawn and intentional or negligent non disclosure to possible criminal liability.

Assessment of properties undertaken by the bank are to ascertain whether the land and improvements thereon have sufficient apparent value for the property to act as security for the loan granted, and also to assess the replacement value of the improvements for insurance purposes. The assessment is for the Bank's internal purpose only and no warranties whatsoever in respect of the property, its condition, the purchase price or the insurance figure are given or implied in the granting of the loan.

The Bank accepts no liability for any defects whether latent or patent in the property or the sum insured, being either land or improvements as a result of the assessment of the property by the Bank. Where concerns regarding the property exist it is the responsibility of the customer to seek appropriate independent expert advice.

Specified improvements will be insured at replacement cost on Standard Bank Namibia terms and through its Nominated Insurers for the amount stated by you or for the Bank's figure whichever is the higher.

The Bank is authorised to verify any information given on this form.

I/We understand that if a loan is granted by the Bank to me/us, all costs and fees in connection with the drawing up and registration of a bond will be for my/our account.

I/We certify that the information provided in this application is true and correct.

I/We  *agree to all the terms and conditions as stated above.