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What is UNBXD?

We’re in a new age of entrepreneurship and UNBXD is an attitude of seeing opportunity when others see impossibility. It is having the willpower to break the mould and go against conventions, making their own plans. Being UNBXD means finding new ways to make your own dreams possible and stopping at no costs to make them a reality. If you have the talent, skills and drive, now is the time to unleash it - #BEUNBXD.

What is the #BeUNBXD Competition?

The #BeUNBXD competition is an opportunity for young South Africans who are taking steps to enter and thrive in new entrepreneurial spaces, to get a hand-up by getting an opportunity to win a curated business starter-pack that consists of useful tools and tips to help them get started on their business journey.

Who qualifies to join the UNBXD competition?

The youth of South Africa i.e., all persons within the 18 to 34 age group. Persons must arrange their own transport to the event at their own cost.

What are the prizes?

A curated business starter-pack with useful tools and equipment to the value of up to R20 000 and an invitation to an exclusive event.

If I get selected, how do I get my prize?

The winners will be invited to an exclusive event taking place on the 25th of June 2022, in Johannesburg, Gauteng; this is where their prizes will be handed over to them. It is important to note that winners will be informed with enough lead time and are responsible for getting themselves to and from the venue.

How do I enter?

You firstly need to follow Standard Bank on any of their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok.

You must upload a video that is at least 30 seconds long, outlining the industry you are passionate about from the list we supplied (Podcaster; Tik Tokers; Music Producer; Urban Farmer; Graphic Designer; Make Up Artist; Streetwear Designer; Photographer; Self-Made Chef; Drop Shipper).

Your video should also include: Motivation behind why you should be selected to win the curated business starter-pack, how you intend on changing this industry or the reason behind this passion and ensure that your entry video is as creative as possible e.g., use video editing transitions, gifs, music, sound effects etc.

You need to tag Standard Bank when you post the video and include the hashtags #BeUNBXD and #ItCanBe when you post the video.

What are the industries I can select from?

TikTok Creator, Podcaster, Self-made Chef, Music Production, Photographer, Make-Up Artist, Graphic Designer, Streetwear Designer, Urban Farmer and Drop Shipper.

How many times can I enter?

As many times as you want, however, your entry must follow the criteria as outlined i.e. Follow Standard Bank, tag them, use the #BeUNBXD and load a video that is at least 30’’ long.

What if I am selected as a winner and cannot get to the event to collect my prize?

You would need to inform us in advance of your challenges and we can arrange an alternative delivery option.