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#8. Photographer

You see the world through a different lens. Now it’s time for the world to see you.

People take pictures all the time, but not everyone can call themselves a “photographer”… Not you though, you cav the vision, so let’s put you onto the game.

Find your inspiration

What is it that excites you and feeds your soul? Identify that and follow where it takes you. Is this more than one thing? Perfect, try yourself out, have fun with your interest and see how you can bring them to life.


A good camera is your gateway. Pair that with what you want your niche to be, you’ve pretty much unlocked the game. So research, take into consideration what your focus is and find the camera that’s best suited for it.
Don’t break bank, find good quality second-hand cameras that can get the job done.

Quality over quantity

Don’t just take photos of everything… As every professional photographer will tell you, “Keep it simple, silly”. You don’t necessarily have to go HAM all the time. A simple tilt of the camera is enough to add a story or appeal to a photo.

Go old school

Go manual… Playing around with your camera and learning to adjust your settings manually opens you up to a world of creative possibilities.

Workshop it

Attend workshops, tutorials even online courses. You can never know too much so keep unbxing and unleashing. Polish up on what you know and even what you forgot you know. 

Read the light

One thing that can make or break a photo is lighting. Learn how to use light to your advantage. Learning how to position your subject towards or against the light can give your photos even more depth.

Take your time

Learning anything takes time. Afford yourself the patience to master this. Take it in, learn as much as you can, explore.

Get active

There’s no better teacher than experience. Get out there, do the most. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them. Be better than the last image you took.

Gear up

Once you’ve gotten the hang of things, level up and do crazier things, push outside of your comfort. This means also learning more about the different gear that you can use to help you get to the next level.

Find a mentor

Once you’ve found your inspiration, find someone who can inspire you. A workshop teacher, a friend, someone who has been in the field for a while. Observe their work, ask them for guidance and input on where you can improve in your photography.

Get up for the challenge

Try a photography challenge. Join photography communities on the socials and tag along on the challenges they have. These are excellent in having you think outside of the box and out of your comfort zone and try different genres. Who knows, maybe they can unlock another “style” you’re good at and didn’t know? They are also good for sharing and putting your work out there.

Learn photo editing

Capturing the perfect image is half the battle, the other half is proper editing. The industry’s standard platform to edit is photoshop but there are varying photo editing software. Editing in and of itself is an art form, so take time finding what you like and what works and build your own vision.

Back up and organise

Don’t forget to organise your work and back it up. Make this process as easy as possible for yourself by naming using keywords and separating them in a way that’s useful to you.
NB: Back up your work!!

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