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#1. Podcaster

You’re a conversation connoisseur. You know how to catch interest, now use your talents to catch your big break.

Is podcasting right for you? Will people tune in? Is what I have to say worth listening to? Look, much like everything, you’ll never know unless you unbox yourself. Give it a try. You just have to start, and everything else will follow. Here’s where to start:

1. Decide why you want to create a podcast

Are you just jumping on the wave because it’s what’s cool right now? You’re bored and looking for something to do to kill time? Or you have something to say and want to create your very own platform? Dig deep and keep asking yourself WHY you’re doing this.

Then… find your niche and focus on it. It helps to get into something that isn’t very saturated, but if your style is something some are already doing, find ways to make yours stand out. Give the audience a WHY they should keep coming back to yours.

Tip: Narrow down your niche to something you can go for, 100 episodes talking about something but isn’t too restrictive or broad that you lose or won’t grow your audience.

2. Choosing the right name

Sounds pretty easy right? If only it was. Unlike naming a pet or a baby, where the only factor is everybody else’s opinions, here you need to consider THAT and whether or not it is catchy or has staying power.

Some podcasts’ names are descriptive to what the show is about while others do not mean much. What you don’t want to do is settle for a name that won’t be relevant in a few years or one that confines you.

The best bet would be to choose a name that is broader than just the topics you’ll be focusing on.

3. Think about the flow before you go into the show

Everyone has their own best practice, others claim that the perfect podcast is an hour long, while some argue that shorter content formats work best.

Truth is, if your content is worth listening to? People will stay on and listen to what you have to say for however long.

Find what works for you and run with that. Just don’t make it longer than it needs to be. With some topics the point is easier to get to it quicker and there’s no need to waffle around it for 15 minutes. Just get to the point.

In terms of your style

Just because interview style formats are most popular, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it, all the time.

Once again, find a style that works for you. If it’s interviews, find interesting people to interview, they don’t always have to be popular or celebrities. Draw up a list of the guests you’d want on your show and what you want to talk to them about.

Quick tip: Create shareable sound bite edits of bloopers, funny moments and interesting moments that happen on the show with your guests so that they can share on their pages to create content to pique interest and drive new listeners to your platform.

4. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready

Cover art is the window to the podcast

Hit up a few local graphic designers to help get you kitted out on dope cover art. This is your first impression, the first stop for someone who is scrolling through podcasts, make it worth their while.

Quick tip: Use this as your social media profile picture as well. Be your own PR person.

5. Bring the vibes

Get a professional intro if you can afford to do it right now. Getting a third party to do your intro gives you that “thing”. Credibility nyana…

Bring even more vibes

Get intro music, man… collaborate with up-and-coming artists/producers use their sound in your intro. You blow up, their song blows up… It’s a win-win.

6. Invest in your craft, invest in yourself

Audio quality is top two and not number two when starting a podcast. With this said, it doesn’t have to cost you a ton to find good quality microphones. Do your research, shop around. Get a microphone that is both USB and XLR connection which lets you upgrade your recording equipment without needing a new mic.

7. edits

Close behind audio quality is edits. Edits play a big role in taking your podcast from alright to fire flame emoji levels. Sounds like a lot of pressure, but there are gang tools to help make this process a lot easier for you.

Get into podcast making tools that automates the confusing and technical parts and pretty much builds your episodes for you. These tools take care of the audio clean up, they let you add music, make it easier for you to piece together your segments and it has direct publishing of your episodes as well as helps you set up a template that you can use every time you edit. Saving you a lot of time to start prepping for your next viral episode.

8. Go where the people are

Upload your podcast to hosting platform and start distributing it. Again, research, research, research – find the best platforms to host your podcast, find where your preferred audience is most likely listening to podcasts and show up there.


9. Promo your Podcast MUSIC BLOGS

Entertainment bloggers are always looking for new content to write. And while they get a lot of traffic from covering famous musicians, they’re also looking for new talent to spot. It does as much for their credit to “discover a new talent” as it does for yours.


There are plenty of social media groups/communities dedicated to podcasts where you can ask people to listen to yours. Be sure not to spam people as it can get very annoying very quickly.


Find your community, collaborate with other content creators or podcasters. Share their content when/if it’s similar to yours, invite them onto your show. Work with them to build each other up. The industry might be growing at a fast rate, but it’s still very small, so find your people and grow with them. Even better when they don’t necessarily share the same opinions as you. Make it a meeting of perspectives, it’ll broaden your audience and make you a lot more credible.



Be your biggest hype man. Every chance you get, spread your word! Have people follow you, follow them. Encourage them to subscribe to your content.



In the space of content creation, it’s very important to always stay relevant. This is not to say you should parrot everything that happens on social media, just always bring fresh perspective.

Once you’ve consistently done this, now we can talk coining the hustle:


Get sponsorships

This is the easiest way to monetise your podcast and unlike music, you don’t need to have a specific amount of listens or downloads to get a sponsor.


Get into your promo bag

Knock on doors, tell companies that you would like to do promo for them. Negotiate your price and how long you’re willing to do this for. Build relationships with them. This also brings a lot of credibility to your podcast, it also means to be careful what you talk about, brands do not like affiliating with people/brands that could tarnish their rep.


Offer premium content

Think of releasing content twice a month for instance, one that is organic and another paid for. But switch up the ante, do long-form Q&A sessions, live recorded shows or video versions of the shows that are ad-free. Here you focus solely on product placement.

Remember to still remain true to your audience and your content so you don’t lose you while chasing the bag.


Sell merchandise

Once you have your solid fan base, produce and sell products, from T-shirts and hoodies to mugs, candles and even keyholders that are branded or may have your popular phrase.

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