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#2. Tik Toker

You’re a content creation beast and you’re hungry to convert your following into cash flow.

If you’re a budding content creator, you know better than anybody that TikTok is where it’s at right now. And there’s gang reason as to why it is what it is right now. Some of the factors contributing to it being the top two social media platforms is its massive music library, insane effects and how it just keeps showing up for the underdogs. But top of this list is that you don’t have to spend years trying to build the “brand” and getting the coin for it. Let’s put you on.


Step 1:Shoot your vid

You can do this whole on the app or upload the footage that you have on your cam. Doable right? Yes. But here are a few considerations:

Get to the point
Keep it short, cute and to the point. Just because there’s a max time, doesn’t mean you should use it all up.

Jump on the wave
The algorithm favours well performing sounds. By capitalising off of this you will find yourself on multiple For You Page (FYP) in no time.

A step further, join the existing trends but own them, put a twist on it, make them unique so you stand out.

Use the most relevant hashtags to your content. TikTok lists the top-trending hashtags on their discover app, give that a squiz and see how you can capitalise off those.

Tell a story
While trending videos are the wave, stories are most likely to get you to go viral from the little accounts that just log in to consume. Share your crazy story times, the streets love good, piping hot tea. Just be sure not to catch a case.

Keep them coming back
Leave a little mystery. Don’t spill all the tea all in one go. If you leave some questions unanswered, people are most likely to comment asking for a part two…

Step 2: Editing

Increase your chance of getting on the For You Page (FYP) by making your content aesthetically pleasing.

Filters make everything better
I mean obvs… Just don’t overdo it. Keep it cute by keeping it mute and as close to natural as you can.

Context and inclusion
Use titles to give context to your videos. Closed captions are a big deal too, you’re growing your market by including the deaf community as well as people who may not speak English as their first language but can read it…

Create an experience
Play around with the effects and transitions to create an insane experience. They are hard to do and require a lot of patience and playing around with, but once you’ve zeroed in here? Ah, you’ve unlocked peak content creation.

Step 3: Lights, Camera, Viral

Now that you’ve got your video ready, here are some publishing hacks to help you make a home on the FYP.

#tag away
- Add popular hashtags, don’t forget the #FYP


Consistency is key
- It doesn’t matter what time of the day you post, just as long as you post regularly and consistently. Try posting at least one video a day. The more you post, the greater your chance of making it on the FYP.

Chop it up with the faves
- Engage with the people in your comments. Like their responses, reply back and engage in their content if they post anything.

Spread the word
Share your content on your other social media platforms to increase your exposure and views.


There’s not much rhyme or rhythm to this. Some videos go viral instantly, while others take a bit more time. Combine the tricks that we have listed here and your charm, wits and creative ability and you’ll be well on your way.


What’s in the box?

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Entries close on 17th June.