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#4. Urban Farmer

Use your green fingers to grow your own career and put some greens in the bank.

Here’s the 4-1-1 on how or where to start about your Urban Farming Business…


Research the types of nutritious vegetables that would benefit the community and have you stand out.


Once you zero in on the wants of the community, you zero in on what will give you staying power. This also means staying on top of your game and being ready to reinvent yourself or level up when you need to.


Define your Mission Statement

Before we get to seeding, you need to start with a well-rooted plan.

  1. Outline what you hope to achieve.
  2. Determine how you expect the surrounding area to change.
  3. Ask who your farm will impact.
  4. Will it give back to the community?

Find training and resources
Resources are a major key! From finding the perfect small plot of plant to getting a budget, when you pair this with a strong head and focus, you’re off to a great start.

Stay woke
Educate yourself and the team. Everything boils down to research and putting in the work. Attend seminars, download reading material. You can never know too much, so keep digging and stay on top of things.

Network and build
Use every opportunity at your disposal. Put yourself on and follow through. Even better, build solid relationships with your existing product suppliers so production stays running smoothly and they can plug you onto other people. Get in contact with your local markets, small restaurants or cafes… Build your own budding economy where you are.

Put yourself on
Spread word about yourself and what you are about within communities similar to yours. Join groups and communities on the socials and start recruiting volunteers from the get. The more you start putting word about you and your work from the start, the more chances of people lending a hand when you need or hitting you up for your services, the better.

Location. Yep! A v, v important aspect to getting your project off the ground… Just keep these factors in mind.

Go long-term. Find a place where people will know they’ll always be able to find you at. This means, a place that is legit, because “squatting” means you can get uprooted, and getting uprooted means you’ll have to start from scratch building your solid base and your existing one may have problems locating you.

soil Invest in fertile soil or alternatives that will ensure seamless growth for your produce. This is high key, a big deal.

No shade
Golden hour isn’t just a big deal for the perfect photo op, but one for a lot of produce. While a lot of vegetables do well in shaded spaces, a space in the city, surrounded by tall buildings, isn’t it either. Get a plot with an adequate balance between shade and sunlight for max results.

Your spot needs to have plenty supply of this. So, water access? A major, major key. Ensure that this is standard. If you think this may be a problem, draw up a contact between you and your neighbour to get access to their water supply for a fee or another legal system that they can agree on.


Consider your climate, plot size and the amount of sunshine you receive as well as the needs of the community you will be supplying to.

From here you can get to deciding which plants to grow, but first, keep it simple and then grow from there.

What’s in the box?

  • Tool set
  • Hat
  • Gardena / Soil Sensor
  • Builders Warehouse voucher
  • Samsung A13 smart phone
  • SnapScan Starter Kit
  • A Standard Bank Mobile sim card preloaded with 50GB once-off data
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