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New challenges bring new opportunities

Specialised solutions

Business conditions and customer demands are continually changing. Whatever your business life stage or sector, we can help you embrace change by finding innovative ways to meet new challenges as they arise.

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BEE solutions

Growing the economy and broader participation by black-owned businesses is a national imperative. We offer specialised financing that supports the guiding principles of BBBEE.

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Debit order collections

Maximise collections and minimise admin with effective automated solutions for less risk and improved cash flow.

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Workplace solutions

Get the most out of your employees by helping to make financial security are reality for them. Our workplace solutions make it easier to pay unbanked staff, and offers special benefits and support to get them into the banking system.

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Merchant solutions

The ability to process payments from customers is one problem your business should never have. As a Standard Bank merchant you will always be able to accept card-based, virtual and digital wallets with ease, speed and utmost security

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Fleet management solutions

Get your fleet moving in top gear with solutions like real-time transaction notifications, detailed reports and managed maintenance programmes that reduce your cost of ownership.

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Cash solutions

Simplify your business’s cash handling with solutions that offer streamlined, efficient processing of cash deposits and withdrawals.

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Getting started
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Registering for chat services

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