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Keeping our employees safe

Find out what steps we have taken to ensure the health and safety of our employees and communities.

Our top priority has been to ensure the health and safety of our employees.

We have initiated social distancing in our places of work where new interventions are being implemented across the branch network. We are providing gloves to staff who handle cash on a regular basis. We have also ordered and procured masks for staff who have a high frequency of face-to-face interactions with clients.

As an added measure of protection, perspex screens have been deployed to branches nationwide to create a barrier between our frontline teams and customers.

We have put procedures in place to minimise social contact at our place of work. Floor markers have been placed in our branches to remind customers to observe physical distancing. Security is in place to control the numbers of people allowed in the branch at any given time. Additionally, meetings and gathering are to be done digitally to avoid interpersonal contact.

We have also instituted wide ranging and non-negotiable travel bans both locally and internationally until further notice to ensure that we follow guidelines and rules set by the government and the World Health Organisation.

Standard Bank adopted the principles recommended by the WHO and advise staff and contractors who return from high risk destinations to adopt the fourteen-day self-isolation principle. The high-risk destination lists are reviewed daily to remain relevant.

Our employees are our most important asset, and we as a collective are here to serve you.