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PluggedIn: Your own professional career guide

To succeed in the modern economy, you need to choose the right career, develop the right skills and find the right opportunities. It might sound overwhelming, but there’s no need to stress. PluggedIn - a career pathing and employability platform - is designed to plug you into opportunities and guide you towards career success.

How PluggedIn can help you find your perfect career:

1.    Career assessments:

  • Self-knowledge is the most powerful tool you can have. PluggedIn can give you career clarity in under 20 minutes with fast, fun, and highly accurate online career assessments. The assessments will help you determine your:
  • Vocational strength: to inform your career preference and work style.
  • Personality traits: to inform your career choice.
  • Areas to develop: to inform personal and skills development.
  • Learning styles (Coming soon): best modes for learning across various dimensions.

2.    Career matches:
PluggedIn can give you accurate career matches, focusing on careers that are new, high in demand and growing fast. You can access tools to help you with:

  • Career path recommendations
  • Personalised career matches
  • In-depth career information

3.    Employability:
Become mentally prepared for work and a better-suited candidate for employers by accessing the right resources:

3.1.    Skilling up:
Developing skills is important, but you need to develop skills and gain certifications that are seen as credible in the jobs market. You can access the very best local and global Skills Providers to improve your chances of employability. PluggedIn offers:

  • Local and global certified courses
  • Selection of free courses
  • Credible qualifications and certificates

3.2.    CV
Everyone has value, but most people struggle to express it. PluggedIn has developed a guided experience to help you showcase your best qualities, attributes, skills and more with a best-practice CV that:

  • Has an attractive layout
  • Is designed for recruiters
  • Is automatically generated 
  • Has a mobile-friendly display

4.    Opportunities:
Searching for opportunities can take long, be demotivating and cost a lot of money. PluggedIn helps you find the right opportunities, which includes:

  • Tertiary choices and funding
  • Internships (Coming soon)
  • Jobs to earn and gain work experience (Coming soon)
Who can I get in touch with if I have more questions?
For queries, you can email us at [email protected]. Queries will be attended to and/or resolved within 24 – 48 hours.
What will I learn about career options available in the market?
You will get a better understanding of different careers, so you can make informed decisions before investing any time, money and energy into a specific career.
What kind of courses do I get access to?
You gain access to online short courses with certificates from highly-credible skills providers. Courses range from life skills to digital and technical skills.
Is PluggedIn applicable to everyone?
Yes, PluggedIn is for anyone who wants assistance with choosing the right subjects in high school right through to someone who needs guidance in choosing the right career, developing their current skills or someone who wants to change careers. If you are below the age of 16, you require parental consent.
How can I access PluggedIn?
PluggedIn is accessible from a laptop, desktop, smartphone, and tablet. The platform is also mobile-friendly.
Do I need to pay to access PluggedIn?
No. PluggedIn is a free Standard Bank platform aimed at helping people access tools to help them make informed decisions around career selection and development.
Can I access PluggedIn without having a Standard Bank account?
Yes, it’s free for all South African citizens and residents with a valid ID number.
Are the PluggedIn career assessments accurate?
PluggedIn assessments are scientifically validated in South Africa, which means they are accurate. If you would like additional feedback on your results, please email [email protected] and one of our registered professionals will respond within 24 – 48 hours.
Am I able to share my profile or CV with others?
Yes, you can share your profile or CV online as well as download it to print or email.
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