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Using WeChat Wallet

WeChat is one of the world’s most popular mobile apps, with over a billion users. It combines social media, private messaging, mobile payments and many other features.

In markets like China, it is already one of the most popular ways for people to send and receive money. Now, thanks to Standard Bank, the WeChat Wallet is available to South Africans too, whether or not you have a bank account.

How to get started

Start by installing the WeChat app, from the App Store, or Google Play. When the installation is complete, follow these easy steps:

  • Open the app
  • Find the “Me” button at the bottom right hand corner of your screen and tap it
  • Tap “Wallet
  • Tap “Get Started” to begin the registration process
  • Enter the requested information. You will need a valid South African ID number and the phone number of the FICA registered SIM card in your mobile device
  • Choose a PIN number. For the sake of security, avoid using the same PIN as your bank card
  • Link your cards to your WeChat Wallet

What you can do

Your WeChat Wallet works like its own bank account. You can load funds directly by:

  • Transferring from your existing bank accounts
  • Receiving a transfer from another WeChat user

Once you have money loaded, you can use it for many different purposes:

  • Buy prepaid airtime, data and electricity
  • Transfer money to friends and family, or any other WeChat user
  • Withdraw cash at a Standard Bank ATM, or any of our retail partners
  • Pay for goods and services at any vendor displaying a SnapScan barcode

What it costs

There are no monthly fees, and there is no charge to send or receive money. You do pay small fees for other transactions:

  • Cash withdrawal at an ATM:                                       R5.00 per withdrawal
  • Airtime and Electricity purchase:                          R1.50 per purchase
  • Top-up transaction via Internet Banking:      R10 per top-up

Card transactions done within WeChat Wallet will attract their own charges, according to your bank’s fee schedule. Please ensure that you have data loaded on your phone before trying to use WeChat Wallet.


WeChat Wallet is safe, easy to use, and convenient. Your card details are securely stored with a PCI DSS compliant payment service provider, and your cash is managed by Standard Bank. Each and every transaction must be authorised by entering your secret PIN, and only goes through once we’ve confirmed that it came from your specific phone.