Savings and Investments

Have a goal you’re aiming for? We can help to get you there through saving and investing your money.

The power of saving is immense. Even putting away a little bit every month in a savings account will help you eventually reach your goal. Interest on interest earned every month ultimately turns your small initial amount into a big nest egg.

The best savings account to have is one that caters for your unique needs. Look at the interest rate, how long the term is, and how soon you can get to the money in your investment or savings account when you need to. Another thing to consider is whether the account is tax-free or not.

Find what works for you to reach your savings and investment goal.

Start by deciding how soon you’d need access to your money.

Need to save money, but don’t want the hassle of having to give notice when you want to use it? Start saving for your goals now. Have access to your funds immediately with these savings and investment accounts - ideal for short-term goals such as buying a new TV or some pricey concert tickets.

Invest for later. These products have either a set investment period, or require you to give notice before you can have your money. These investment accounts are ideal for long-term goals like paying for a wedding, going on an overseas holiday or putting down a deposit on a car.