Change the bond holder

How it works

Substitute a bond holder

There are instances where you would need to remove or replace one or more bond holders to a joint account. This is referred to as substitution of debtor.

Apply to change a bond holder

The simplest way to apply for Substitution of debtor is online. This application is processed as a New Loan application. You can also call us, speak to your banker or visit your nearest branch.

Get the required paperwork

Use our document checklist to make sure you have all required documents. The bank will provide you with a form to complete for a Substitution of debtor request.

How to qualify

  • A typical situation is where a husband and wife are divorced and the court rules that the property is transferred to either spouse
    Another situation is where one of the parties in a marriage passes away and the property is left to the surviving spouse

Additional information

  • An affordability assessment is performed on all Substitution of debtor applications.
What it costs

An attorney will handle the Deeds Office process. Attorney fees will be payable by you as the customer requesting substitution

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How to apply

0860 500 000 (8am - 5pm)

Apply online as an individual or as a business (have your signed offer to purchase ready)

Speak to your banker

Visit your nearest branch

What you’ll need

Document checklist (PDF)

Divorce: Final divorce order and consent papers, or a settlement agreement

Death: Death certificate, letter of executorship or last will in testament

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