Manage your repayments

The hardest part is finding and purchasing your home – but paying it off takes some discipline, planning and common sense. Here you’ll find ways to reduce the costs of your home loan, make repayments easier – and help set your mind at ease.


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Find out how much you qualify for, how you can make repayments, and how fast you can pay off your home loan.

First and foremost, decide how you want to repay your home loan.

Set up a debit order

A debit order is easiest way to pay your home loan, giving you peace of mind knowing that your instalment will be paid automatically every month. If the base interest rate changes your monthly repayment is automatically adjusted to cater for any increase or decrease to your instalment.

Choose your repayment amounts

You also choose to fix your monthly repayment at an amount higher than the minimum instalment due.

Getting started

To load a debit order on your home loan, call 0860 123 001 or SMS ‘Debit order’ to 32663 and we’ll call you back. Standard SMS rates apply.

Give some thought to how much you can afford to pay. The more you pay now, the less you pay in the long term.

Try to make additional payments

Paying extra will help you to lower the interest and shorten the term of your loan.

If you fix your repayments at an amount higher than your minimum monthly repayment -- or add a little more to your monthly repayment -- it will make a vast difference to your outstanding home loan balance.


If you have a loan of R 500 000 over 20 years, at an interest rate of 8.5%, if you pay R 500 more than the required monthly instalment, you can save R 136 473 in interest. This means you can pay off your loan four-and-a-half years sooner.

To fix your repayments at an amount higher than your minimum monthly repayment or to add a little more to your monthly repayment, call 0860 123 001.

Knowing what you need to pay each month without worrying about interest rate changes will help keep your stress levels down. Our fixed rate options guarantee you a fixed interest rate for 24 or 36 months.

Once your fixed rate contract expires, your home loan will automatically revert to the prevailing home loan base rate on the day after expiry.

You can apply for a new fixed interest rate contract two days before your existing fixed interest rate contract expires. The new contract will take effect after the expiry of the old contract and at the prevailing fixed interest rate.

Getting started

SMS ‘Fixed Rate’ to 32663 and a consultant will call you back, or call 0860 123 001 to get a fixed rate today.

Keeping a good credit record

Set yourself a budget each month. List what you spend money on, and what is important to you and your family.

Don’t miss a home loan payment. If you have to miss payments because of financial constraints or personal circumstances, get in touch with us before you miss the payment, so we can help you.

Call 0860 123 001 to ask about your instalment due date, the amount, or to change the way you pay your home loan account to a debit order.

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