Funeral insurance


What is FuneralPlan?

FuneralPlan gives you peace-of-mind knowing you can bury your loved ones with dignity and respect. In addition, you and your family will have access to a series of value-added benefits that will help you through life's day-to-day challenges and enjoy more benefits while you are still alive. FuneralPlan allows you to cover your immediate family. In addition you have an option to add your extended family such as, your parents and parents-in-law, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles.

Who can take out FuneralPlan?

FuneralPlan is available to anyone under the age of 65. You don't need to have a medical examination to join.

You have an option of choosing a plan that you can afford depending on your needs. Our premiums start from as little as R44 per month with benefits up to R50 000 to suit your specific needs.

You do not need a Standard Bank account to take out FuneralPlan cover. Call us on 0860 121 151 for details.


  • From as little as R44 per month, you get up to R50 000 cover
  • You get 20% off your doctor's consultation fees
  • By using our network of optometrists, you save 10% on the cost of consultations and 10% on frames
  • You have access to an emergency ambulance service to transport you to hospital in need
  • Each family gets up to R10 000 for medical expenses resulting from a traumatic experience


Waiting period

Waiting period for accidental death is one month's premium paid

  • Waiting period is six months for main insured, spouse and maximum five children
  • Waiting period for free embedded dependent grocery benefit is 18 month
  • Waiting period for extended family members is six months and 12 months for parents and parents in law
  • Waiting period for suicide is 24 months


Ways to get covered
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