Business current account

A Standard Bank Business Current Account is simple and easy to manage. It allows you to transact in the way that is most convenient for you, from traditional branch banking to our advanced electronic services to make deposits, withdrawals and payments. You can keep accurate banking records and print statements for ease of reference which, in turn, will help you to build a solid banking relationship and credit risk profile while you run your business.

Features and benefits

  • An account can be opened immediately at any branch
  • You receive statements via e-mail
  • You have access to convenient self-service banking channels
  • You have access to an overdraft facility

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  • Business transaction cards

    Your MasterCard Business debit card is linked to, and gives you access to your business accounts. You can pay with your card for purchases locally and internationally wherever MasterCard is accepted, and you can do your banking via any of our electronic banking channels. This card is chip and PIN enabled to make it a secure form of payment. For added security, the purchase limit on the card is restricted to R2 000 per day.


    Choose a Visa Business cheque card which also comes with chip and PIN security features. Your Visa Business cheque card offers all the functionality of a debit card and more:

    • You get automatic free travel insurance every time you pay for your travel ticket using your Standard Bank Visa Business cheque card
    • Additional travel cover is available at preferential rates
    • Free lost card protection
    • Visa Commercial Offers has significant discount on business related services and benefits, including travel and accommodation, stationery, advertising and cleaning services (subject to latest offers on 
  • Features and benefits

    • Offers the same functionality as a credit card at point of sale
    • Accepted at all merchants displaying the Visa sign, both locally and internationally
    • An alternative to paying with cash, credit card or cheque
    • Can be issued in the business name and the name of the person using the card
    • Can be used to pay for purchases, as well as for ATM and in-branch cash withdrawals
    • No purchase limits are placed on the card - you set your own cash withdrawal and electronic account payment limits
    • The card is linked to your Business current account and gives you access to banking channels, including Internet Banking
    • Can be used for Internet and telephone purchases, to hire a car or book and pay for hotel accommodation
  • Electronic Account Payments

    You can apply for an Electronic Account Payment limit from your home branch. The limit should be equal to the average number of deposits or withdrawals (cash and cheque) that go through your account each month.

    Where the limit requested is more than your monthly turnover, additional information such as a projected cash flow is required to support your application. Any application to load or increase EAP limits must be signed by the account holder.

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