Cash Solutions

Standard Bank offers convenient, secure, cash processing solutions tailored to meet your business’ requirements. Our cash specialists have extensive experience to assist you in your cash processing and withdrawal needs, and can help you tailor your cash processing solution to your specific requirements from end-to-end.

  • Cash Processing Solutions

    Float and Payroll Management

    Float and Payroll Management services enable you to manage your business’ cash floats more effectively, from end-to-end.


    Simplify your cash-counting and handling processes for increased on-site security with an AutoSafe cash-accepting device.


    Gain quicker access to your funds with Value-Hosting, which credits your bank account as soon as your AutoSafe container is removed. 

  • Cash Upload Solutions

    Cash–In–Transit (CIT)

    Reduce your risks when it comes to moving money with our managed end-to-end CITsolution, tailored to your specific needs.

    Cash Insurance

    Reduce your storage, collection and transportation risks by insuring your physical cash through one of our multiple insurance solutions.


    An all-inclusive cash handling solution designed for your specific business needs, providing access to CIT, AutoSafes and more.

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