Every business has unique investment needs. We offer a range of investment solutions - ranging from short-term investments with immediate access to funds, to long-term investments designed to meet your future business needs.

The right cash flow management tools can optimise your working capital and surplus funds, facilitating your business growth. We offer you a comprehensive set of savings and investment solutions to meet your savings and cash flow needs.

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Business Flexi Advantage

Business Flexi Advantage is a fixed deposit that gives you access to funds for business emergencies or when you want to invest for growth.

Call Deposit

A Call Deposit account will help you manage your cash flow while giving you immediate access to your funds. 

MoneyMarket Call Account

Our MoneyMarket Call account offers you highly competitive interest rates, along with unlimited deposits and transfers funds.


A MarketLink account gives you the convenience of a transactional account with the security of a Demand Deposit.

32 Day Notice Deposit

Notice Deposit offers you a competitive interest rate with a 32-day fixed notice period, while still giving you the flexibility to add money at any timest.

Fixed Deposit

With an interest rate that does not fluctuate during your investment period, a Fixed Deposit enables you to choose your investment maturity date.

Short-Term Wholesale Deposits

A Short-Term Wholesale Deposit is a savings account with no defined investment period. In addition, your funds are made available at the end of a fixed rate period.

Online Share Trading

Standard Online Share Trading (operated by SBG Securities Proprietary Limited) makes it easy to trade and invest in a wide range of sophisticated financial instruments.

Financial Planning

Standard Bank Financial Consultancy is dedicated to helping you achieve financial well-being by ensuring that you keep your business risks down and that your business thrives in the future through dedicated financial planning and long term insuring.

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