Secure banking is our first priority

Welcome to the Standard Bank’s Security and Safety Centre.

The safety of your personal information when banking online is very important to us. With Standard Bank’s advanced online security features, you can transact with confidence, knowing that keeping your accounts and your personal information secure is our priority.

2 steps to protect yourself when banking online

The more protection you have, the safer your accounts will be. Below are 2 easy ways you can partner with us to get peace of mind when you bank online, using Internet banking, our mobile app or cellphone banking.

What you can do:


1. Sign up for Payment Notifications
2. Report suspicious transactions


What we will do for you:

  • Session timeouts in case you forget to log out, we automatically do this for you in order to protect your money.
  • We keep you informed of fraud trends and how to prevent falling victim.
  • We protect you against fraudulent transactions
  • We make use of One-Time-Passwords (OTP)
  • We employ withdrawal and electronic payment limits
  • We provide you with free payment notifications via email or SMS whenever money leaves (or enters) your account

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