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In an effort to make your banking more affordable, we are pleased to advise that, as in previous years, we are keeping price increases to a minimum. In this Business Pricing Guide, we give you a better understanding of our services and their costs. The fees in this schedule are effective from 1 January 2016, include VAT and are subject to change.

Banking sensibly saves on costs

Since one of the ways to maximise your business profit is to minimise your business expenses, we would like to share a few suggestions on ways to manage your banking in order to keep your fees as low as possible:

Cost-saving tip # 1: Manage your finances without having to visit a branch
Cost-saving tip # 2: Save on your deposits
Cost-saving tip # 3: Prevent penalty charges
Cost-saving tip # 4: Switch to Business Online
Cost-saving tip # 5: Make use of our Value-Added Services


Cost-saving tip # 1: Manage your finances without having to visit a branch

Receiving payments from your customers and making payments to your suppliers electronically will save you time and help you to reduce your bank charges. You can save on fees by using our cost-effective self-service banking channels, including AutoBank, Internet Banking and Business Online. These services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are designed to help you manage your business more effectively by giving you access to information and the ability to transact at a time most convenient to you.


Cost-saving tip # 2: Save on your deposits

While we have kept fees for cash deposits to a minimum, direct deposits using electronic channels remain the most cost-effective option. Remember too that:

  • Cash centres are a cost-effective channel for large cash deposits.
  • It is still cheaper to make cash deposits below R5 000 at an AutoBank than at a branch. You can deposit cash and cheques at any AutoBank ATM 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Cheque deposits at an ATM are free, and
  • Deposit books remain free of charge.


Cost-saving tip # 3: Prevent penalty charges

To prevent penalty charges, you should ensure there are enough funds in your account to cover any debit orders and cheques you issue. You can monitor your account balances via any AutoBank ATM, Internet banking or Business Online, and you can get 30-day to 180-day statements from AutoPlus machines.

Staying within your arranged overdraft limit will also ensure that you don’t incur penalty
changes, but if you find yourself in a difficult situation financially, talk to your Business
Banker sooner rather than later to find a solution.


Cost-saving tip # 4: Switch to Business Online

Business Online (BOL) is our market leading business banking electronic platform that provides online solutions for your business’s daily transactional needs, directly to your home or office. From payments and collections, to managing your business’s international banking, trade and forex requirements, Business Online offers:

  • end-to-end convenience, efficiency and peace-of-mind
  • advanced encryption technology
  • 2Factor authentication
  • the ability to separate payment and releasing duties and instant payment alerts, to ensure safety and security when transacting online.

For more information on Business Online, speak to your Business Online consultant, call our Client Care Centre on 0860 109 075 or speak to a Business Banker.


Cost-saving tip # 5: Make use of our Value-Added Services

Your Business Current account not only allows you to transact as you choose – whether electronically or at a branch – it is also the gateway to a wide range of banking products, services and value-added features:

  • Your Business Current account gives you access to a Business Banker, who specialises in business banking solutions and serves as your dedicated point of contact at your local branch.
  • We offer a wide range of transactional solutions, including cheques, garage, travel, charge and cheque cards, as well as electronic transfers using Internet banking or Business Online. We also offer merchant card devices that allow you to receive debit or credit card payments.
  • Our comprehensive cash solutions offering, including AutoSafe (our cash counting, verification and storage device) and cash insurance can help you to manage the risk and efficiency of your cash operations.
  • Our range of flexible lending solutions will help you with your short- and long-term financing needs through our overdraft, revolving finance, term loan, property finance or asset finance solutions.
  • If you are thinking about exporting or doing business abroad, we have experts in foreign exchange and trade-related issues who can provide you with the necessary financing options.
  • You have access to specialist bankers in the fields of agriculture, franchising, asset finance,debtor finance, wealth solutions and online banking, to help you with your business.Your Business Banker will introduce you to the relevant local specialist.


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