Loans and Finance

Loans and finance

Our lending products offer a variety of working capital solutions for your business and also help you meet your long-term financial obligations. 


Business Overdraft

An overdraft is the ideal way to manage your cash flow. It is linked to your business account and you can use as much as you need, up to your agreed limit.


Business Revolving Credit Plan

Provides customers with a line of credit that may be used when required, which is repayable in equal monthly instalments and granted on an ongoing basis, with no specific time limits.


Debtor Finance

This is a form of finance to support the working capital needs of growing businesses. We purchase approved trade debtor invoices with an agreed portion (usually 75%) being paid at the time of purchase and a similar portion paid on all future approved trade debtor invoices.


Medium Term Loan

The Medium Term Loan (MTL) facility is a customized term loan product, which has a maturity period between 3 and 10 years, and sometimes up to 15 years (for Agricultural customers). It is repayable according to an individualized agreement.


Business Term Loan

A relatively simple method of providing businesses and agricultural customers with term finance for a period between three to ten years which is repayable in equal monthly instalments.


Commercial Property Finance

This is a customised term loan product, which has a fixed maturity period between one and 10 years where the capital is repayable in accordance with an individualised agreement and only the interest is payable monthly. Standard Bank’s Commercial Property Finance division has financing solutions for both owner-occupied and investor property clients.


Vehicle and Asset Finance

Standard Bank Vehicle and Asset Finance is one of the leading vehicle and capital equipment financiers for business in South Africa. Our dedicated team of experts will assist you with financing any vehicle or asset and can arrange a comprehensive funding package to suit your unique needs.


Business Mortgage 

A Business Mortgage gives you the funds to buy a converted residential property, where a portion, or the entire property, will be used for business purposes.


Banker’s Acceptance 

A Bankers' Acceptance is a bill drawn by you on the bank for periods of between 30 and 365 days. Once we accepted the bill, an amount equal to its face value, with less finance charges, is immediately paid into your account.  

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