Cellphone banking

Express Banking for your lifestyle

Banking on the go has never been easier, this service allows you to access Cellphone Banking on *120*2345# with any cellphone using your card number and a Customer Selected PIN.
Safe & Secure - No banking information is stored on your phone and encryption ensures that the session is secure – even if your phone is stolen, no one will be able to transact on your phone.
Rewards - Plus, if you initiate 3 transactions a month, you will earn 50 rewards points monthly, provided that you are registered for UCount Rewards. T&C’s Apply
Please note: Network charges apply – your service provider will charge for the amount of information sent to and from your cellphone. These charges are low but are set by your network.
Channel Benefits:

  • Create Instant Money Voucher
  • Purchase Prepaid
  • Pay Your Bills
  • Transfer Between Accounts
  • View Account Balances
  • Available 24/7
  • Usable on any cellphone
  • Low network charges
  • No monthly subscription fee

How to Get Started:

Simply dial the following USSD code:

  • *120*2345# for General Banking, Instant-Money, Apply for a Personal Loan Offering or find an AccessPoint locator.
  • *130*2345# for the Quick Prepaid Top-Up service.

There is no network cost to you when you use the Quick Top-Up option because you do not need airtime to make the call. This number is specifically for airtime recharge and prepaid electricity and you will not incur any network charges when you dial it.
Security note:
You may only buy prepaid airtime to the value of R500 per day. This limit is set for security purposes.

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