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Feenix crowdfunding for students

Help pay your student debt through Feenix Crowdfunding

You are driven by your goals, and getting a tertiary qualification is often the first step many of us take in our journey towards success.

Studying towards a tertiary qualification can be stressful, but mounting student debt shouldn’t have to be one of your stressors.

What is Feenix?

Launched in June of 2017, Feenix is an online fundraising platform that allows students registered at a public South African university to raise funds to pay towards their tuition or student debt. In May 2023, Feenix reported that more than 3 700 students have been positively impacted and over R160 million has been raised.

Getting a tertiary education is expensive, and Feenix’s crowdfunding platform can help students ease some of the financial pressures that come with paying for a tertiary qualification.

Read more about how and why Standard Bank partnered with Feenix in 2017.

Who can use Feenix?

For international students, Feenix is open to students who are refugees or asylum seekers. Note that Feenix is available to South African citizens and permanent residents as well.

If you would like to use Feenix for raising funds to go towards your studies, you will have to:

  1. Be a registered student at a public South African university
  2. Have a combined household income less than R600 000 a year  
  3. Be able to produce a fee statement on your university’s letterhead
  4. Have a current or historical outstanding debt to your university
  5. Have a certified copy of your identity document*

*Students who are asylum seekers, refugees or permanent residents can also raise funds to go towards their student debt in South Africa. You can reach out to Feenix directly by sending an email to [email protected].

How does it work?

If you meet all the requirements and your profile has been verified, you can start raising funds to go towards your student debt or tuition.

Share your profile on social media, word of mouth or email. Feenix will also provide you with a fundraising guide to help get you started.

Visit the Feenix website for information on how to get started on your profile.

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