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Whether you’re planning your next holiday, managing your personal finance, or saving for you and your family’s future needs, we’re here to support you in realising your personal goals.

7 Tips for Searching for a Job
Individual income tax registration and tax filing requirements for 2019

The 2019 tax filing season for individuals opens on 1 July 2019. Individuals submitting their tax returns via SARS’ digital platforms may do so from Monday 1 July 2019, while those submitting manually may do so at any SARS branch from Thursday 1 August 2019. 

The Lowdown on counselling
Debt care

We have a number of ways we can help you deal with your debt, whatever the financial situation you find yourself in.

5 Types of Personal Laons
5 Types of personal loans

A brief guide explaining the various types of personal loans available.

Important Debt Management Tips
Important debt management tips

To build wealth and focus on important financial goals, you need to trim down and ultimately eliminate debt. These debt management tips will help you stay in control of your money.

How to open a bankaccount
How to open a bank account

A bank account is a safe and reliable way to keep your money, and many jobs nowadays require you to have a bank account to receive your salary.

Access Bond: Make Your Home Loan Work
Access bond: Make your home loan work

With an access bond facility on your home loan, you won’t have to take out a personal loan to cover those surprise expenses.

Buying an Investment Property
Buying an investment property

Buying an investment property can be a savvy decision if you have factored in all of the costs and risks.

Home Buying Tips for First-Timers
Home buying tips for first-timers

Buying your first home is exciting, but it can also be little scary. Make sure your joy is not overshadowed by concerns about debt with these home buying tips.

How to Add Value to Your Home
How to add value to your home

Before you start with major renovations, consider which home improvements will add the most value to your home. Here are some tips on how to add value to your home.

How to Finance a Home Renovation
How to finance a home renovation

Refinancing your home loan is a cost-effective way to finance a home renovation and increase the market value of your home. Here are two options to consider.

Rent vs Buy a Home: Understand the Costs
Rent vs Buy a home- Understand the costs

If you’re trying to decide whether to rent vs buy a home, then this handy comparison table will help you to understand the costs to make an informed decision.

Should I Buy a New or Used Car
Should I buy a new or used car?

Weigh up the pros and cons before you decide on buying brand-new or preowned.

Tips for Buying a Used Car
Tips for buying a used car

Buying a pre-owned vehicle is a great option when shopping on a budget. But there are some precautions to take into account – here are eight important tips to consider when buying a used car.

Buying your first car
Buying your first car

Here are five important budgeting and finance points to consider first before buying your first car.

What are Pension-Backed Home Loans?
What are pension-backed housing loans?

A pension-backed housing loan (as per the Pensions's Fund Act 19 (5) (a) and 37D) is an alternative form of housing finance where the loan is secured by your retirement fund savings instead of a mortgage bond.

Value added services
My Bills
Car Value-added services

Avoid taking time off work to stand in line waiting to pay for traffic fines – just do it online from your home or office.

Mobile app banking product detail
Personal value-added services

Top up even when you don’t have airtime or data, send cash or buy lottery tickets using your device, keep items in safe custody, or get your ID or passport in-branch.

Virtual Card content tile
Home value added services

Stay switched on with anytime recharge reference numbers for your prepaid electricity meter, and stay on top of your municipal bills and taxes with MyBills.

saving and investing
Emotional biases are your worst enemy when it comes to investing
Emotional biases are your worst enemy when it comes to investing

We humans are indeed a very strange and complicated species.  Logical thought processes have ensured the continuous and incremental advancement of human kind, yet we are often so reliant on our instincts in our fight for survival.

A Savings Plan for Your Grandchildren's Education
A savings plan for your grandchild’s education

A good education is more valuable than ever. One area where grandparents can make a real difference is with a savings plan for education. This will help to set grandchildren along a path towards becoming financially secure and independent.

Seeing is believing The power of visualisation
Seeing is believing

Visualisation refers to the ability to imagine what we wish to see in our lives before it becomes reality. It can have an enormous impact on our decision-making abilities.

Wedding Budget and Savings Tips
Wedding budget and savings tips

Dreaming of a perfect wedding to start your happily ever after? They can be costly affairs, but with a sound wedding budget and savings plan you could afford your perfect day.

Your Savings Plan for Education
Your savings plan for education

Education costs have soared over the past few decades and show no sign of slowing down. Start your savings plan for education today to give your children the future they deserve.

An Introduction to Unit Trust Investments
An introduction to unit trust investments

Unit Trust investments can provide you with a simple way to start saving for your future. But before you invest, consider both the pros and cons.

4 TIps for Investing Offshore
4 Tips for investing offshore

Are you considering investing offshore? Before you move your money overseas keep these four investing principles in mind.

Investment Tips for First-Timers
Investment tips for first-timers

By understanding investing basics – and adhering to important investment tips – you can start building a portfolio to achieve the right combination of safety, income, and growth.

A Stock Market Introduction
A stock market introduction

Want to start trading but don’t know much about shares? This stock market introduction guide will help you understand the basics around investing in shares in South Africa.

Tax Free Savings Account FAQs
Tax-Free savings account FAQs

With a Tax-Free Savings account, you get your full investment return without being taxed on the growth you earn. This guide answers frequently asked questions on TFSA accounts.

7 Steps for Online Share Trading
7 Steps for online share trading

Thanks to online share trading, anyone with a computer can invest in the stock market. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to start trading online and building your investment portfolio.

Investing Offshore
Investing offshore

While there’s no guarantee that investing offshore will out-perform local bets – investing out of the country is considered key element when it comes to a balanced financial portfolio.

5 Basic Tips to Start Investing
5 Basic tips to start investing

It’s never too early to start investing. Here are a few basic tips for the investment beginner to get you on the path to investing in your future.

Online Stock Trading for Beginners
Investment online stock trading for beginners

Investing on the stock market can grow your wealth, and trading on the stock exchange has become simpler. This guide to online stock trading will give beginners a helpful starting point.

Retail Notes: An Easy Investment Alternative
Retail Notes: An easy investment alternative

Simple to understand and inexpensive to buy, retail deposit notes are an option for income-seeking investors.

The Difference Between Saving and Investments
The difference between saving and investments

To provide the lifestyle of your dreams requires that you save and invest. They have different purposes, but both are crucial to ensure you reach your financial goals in the short- medium and long-term.

8 Smart International Travel Tips
8 Smart international travel tips

Travelling to a foreign country is exciting, but it can become very expensive, very quickly. Fortunately, there are strategies for travelling for less.

Different Ways to Pay on Holiday
Best ways to pay on holiday

Planning an overseas holiday? Why worry about organising currency when there’s a range of foreign exchange products to suit your needs?

What You Need to Know About Buying Forex?
What you need to know about buying Forex

Planning an international holiday? Don’t forget to buy your forex. Here are a few tips to help when purchasing currency for your next trip.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?
What does travel insurance cover

Travelling can be a stressful experience when things go wrong like delayed flights or lost luggage. What does Travel Insurance cover, and when should you use it? Find out here.

9 Tips for Easy Travel with Kids
9 Tips for easy travel with kids

Going away as a family is an opportunity to share some memorable moments. Here are a few tips to make your next trip a great experience for the whole family.

7 Tips for Searching for a Job
7 Tips for searching for a job

Searching for a job can be daunting – especially if it’s your first job. These tips will help you prepare your CV and make a good impression in the interview.

Your Career Development Plan
Your career development plan

Whether you’re still studying, or you are a recent graduate setting out on a new career path, landing that first job can be challenging.

Repaying a student loan the easy way
Repaying a student loan

Do you need to pay back your student loan? A repayment plan can make repaying a student loan simple and hassle-free.

Do you have the right insurance at the right time?
Do you have the right insurance at the right time?

As time passes, your life changes and it’s vital that your insurance cover reflect the new developments.

How the insurance gap affects you
How the insurance gap affects you

South Africans face a combined insurance shortfall of R28,8 trillion.

The Importance of Life Cover
The Importance of Life Cover

Life Cover or Life Insurance is offered by either an insurance company or a financial institution such as a bank.

Car and home insurance
Car and home insurance

It can sometimes feel like a waste of money to pay for car or home insurance, after all, you can never be sure that bad things are even going to happen to either. But it’s important to remember what might happen if they do. If your car transports you to work every day it is an extremely valuable asset, because it facilitates your ability to get to work and earn a living. Similarly, insuring things like laptops and electronics at home can save you a lot of valuable time, money and energy.

Why you need car loan protection insurance?
Why you need car loan protection insurance

A car loan protection insurance policy will cover the debt on your vehicle in the event of your death, disability, development of a dread disease or retrenchment.

Life insurance
Other types of insurance

There are different types of insurance for just about every possible event in your life that might need financial assistance.

Types of Life Insurance
Types of life insurance

Ensure that you are covered for all eventualities with the appropriate life cover. Learn more about the types of life insurance here.

Life insurance
Life insurance

Life insurance is the most essential type of insurance if you are a bread-winner or have children. The money that is left behind when you die can go a significant way to replacing your income for living expenses.

The importance of having insurance
Why get insurance?

Insurance is about protection. It’s about planning for the unexpected, and although it doesn’t often feel like a priority it can make a huge difference in times of loss or damage.

Why Building Insurance is a Good Idea
Why building insurance is a good idea

Protect your home from any unforeseen structural damage with building insurance. Here’s a look at what is generally covered in the insurance cover.

Do You Need Funeral Insurance?
Do you need funeral insurance?

Funerals can quickly become costly. With the right funeral insurance, you have the peace of mind knowing that in the event of your death, being laid to rest will not leave your loved ones burdened with debt.

What is Credit Card Protection?
What is credit card protection

Credit card protection is important to protect yourself and your loved ones so that in the event of your death, disability or retrenchment, the outstanding balance on your credit card is covered.

ESTATES AND retirement

Most people have mixed emotions about retirement. To some it is the end of their long career of service, but others are more optimistic and see it as the beginning of their golden years when they will have the financial freedom to undertake multiple trips abroad and have one long holiday for the rest of their lives. 

Trusts and Estate Planning FAQs
Trusts and estate planning FAQs

A Trust can help you ensure that the people you love derive the most value from your estate and the assets you’ve worked hard to attain.

6 Tips for Saving Enough for Retirement
6 Tips for saving enough for retirement

Retirement may seem like a long way away, but saving for retirement now could mean the difference between enjoying life comfortably or battling to survive in your later year.

Is a Do-it-Yourself Will a Good Idea?
Is a do-it-yourself will a good idea?

There are hundreds of ‘do-it-yourself’ Will templates available online. But what are the risks of writing your own will without professional assistance?

Boost Your Retirement Savings, Tax Free
Boost your retirement savings, tax free

Only 6% of South Africans retire comfortably and are able to maintain their standard of living. Make use of a TFSA for retirement to reduce tax payable on your investment.

Why Women Should Take Charge of their Estate Planning?
Why women should take charge of their estate planning

Too few women are taking action early enough to secure the futures of their families ...

Saving for Retirement
Saving for retirement

Saving for your retirement is essential and a retirement annuity can help you invest for your future. But RAs also offer additional benefits you may not be aware of.

Winding up an estate when loved one dies
Winding up an estate when a loved one dies

While most people understand how and why a Will is needed, very few know what happens when it comes to administering and executing that Will in an increasingly complex modern economy.

Living Wills FAQs
Living wills FAQs

Without a Will in place, the state will determine how your property is divided. Here are eight key questions to help you with your living Will.

The importance of a Will
The importance of a Will

Too many people don’t consider the essential importance of writing a Will, assuming that everything they have earned will automatically be left to the ‘obvious’, intended beneficiaries when they pass away. But that’s not always the case.

Explore Your Savings Options for Retirement
Explore your savings options for retirement

Pension Fund, Provident Fund or Retirement Annuity. What are the different savings options for retirement and which is right for you?

KidS' banking
How to Make Kids Savings Cool
How to make saving cool for kids

Instilling saving habits from an early age will serve your children well for the future. Here are some tips to make kids saving cool.

Teaching Kids About Money
Teaching kids about money

Teaching your kids about money to help them understand the value of delaying gratification and saving will establish the foundations for a financially fit future.

9 Tips for Easy Travel with Kids
9 Tips for easy travel with kids

Going away as a family is an opportunity to share some memorable moments. Here are a few tips to make your next trip a great experience for the whole family.

Ucount rewards
Swipe Your Way to Ucount Rewards
Swipe your way to UCount Rewards

Get rewarded for shopping with Standard Bank’s UCount Rewards. Here’s how you can earn and redeem your points for greater rewards.

4 Smart Ways to Collect UCount Rewards Points
4 Easy ways to collect UCount Rewards Points

With Standard Bank’s UCount Rewards, you get something back every time you spend. Here’s some handy tips to help you collect a little more.

managing your money
Debt consolidation
Struggling to make repayments on your bond?

We can help you sell your property, settle your bond get your credit record back on track with EasySell.

Financial Planning in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s
Financial planning in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s

Whether you’re in your 20s or your 50s, personal financial planning around wealth building and risk cover is critical. Here’s what you should consider at key stages of your adult life.

Manage Expenses with an Overdraft Loan
Manage expenses with an overdraft loan

Learn more about how overdraft loans work and how to use them to manage your personal expenses effectively.

12 Tips for financial freedom
12 Tips for financial freedom

These powerful financial freedom tips can help you to budget better, deduce your debt and save money to build your personal wealth.

7 Reasons to Get a Credit Card
7 Reasons to get a credit card

A credit card is a must-have financial tool. Learn more about the reasons to get a credit card.

An Introduction to Unit Trust Investments
Selecting the best bank account

Use these four pointers to ensure you’re choosing the best bank account to meet your personal needs.

Wedding Budget and Savings Tips
Money and marriage tips

Become the perfect financial match by letting us help you manage your finances.

5 Steps to Credit Fitness
The advantage of credit cards

Thinking about getting a personal credit card? Here’s some of the basic advantages of credit cards.

What is a debit order
What is a debit order?

With a debit order in place, you don’t have to worry about having to remember to make essential payments every month.

MasterPass your digital wallet
MasterPass: your digital wallet

Shopping on your computer, tablet or smartphone has never been easier thanks to MasterPass, the digital wallet payment service that makes shopping online in South Africa as simple as ‘click and pay’.

Manage Expenses with an Overdraft Loan
5 Steps to credit fitness

Do you have a healthy credit score? If you’re not credit fit, the good news is that you can always improve your credit health. Here’s five steps to help.

6 Tips for Budgeting for a Baby
6 Tips for budgeting for a baby

There are few things as exciting as having a child — or as expensive. Follow these tips for budgeting for a baby to be financially prepared for the newest member of your family.

5 Benefits of an Overdraft Loan
5 Benefits of an overdraft loan

If you’re considering a personal overdraft loan but you’re not sure if it’s right for you, here’s five benefits to consider.

5 Easy Budgeting Tips
5 Easy budgeting tips

5 easy tips to help you get a grip on what you spend each month so you can better budget for your expenses.

Debt consolidation
Personal budgeting pointers

In the current economy, personal budgeting is more important than ever. If you want financial security, then create a budget and stick to it to ensure you don’t spend what you don’t have.