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Daily protection

Security centre

With Standard Bank’s online and mobile security features you can transact with confidence knowing that your accounts and your personal information are secure.

  • Automatic timeouts for online, cellphone and ATM banking sessions, in case you forget to log out.
  • Free MyUpdates SMS or email alerts to notify you of what’s happening on your accounts.
  • Free online banking login SMS to notify you of unauthorised login activities.
  • Free access to specialised malware removal software to clean your PC or Laptop from malicious financial software.
  • Security centre updates on the latest scams to keep you informed of current fraud trends and how to avoid them.
  • One Time Password (OTP) SMS which allows you to authorise purchases or payment transactions made by you.
  • Convenient and secure sign-in with your choice of app code, fingerprint or Face ID (iPhoneX)
Security centre contacts

Call us immediately if there’s suspicious activity on your account, or if your bank or credit card is lost or stolen.

Lost or stolen cards

South Africa

Fraud line

South Africa
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Banking safely
Use these tips to practice safe banking when using the internet, your phone or ATMs.
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Our online banking system is uniquely encrypted, protecting your data and info.

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On your cellphone

For secure day-to-day cellphone banking, all you need is your card number and PIN.

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At the ATM

Use in-branch ATMs whenever you can, and choose ATMs in areas that you’re familiar with.

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Register for MyUpdates

Receive free unlimited SMS or email alerts to keep track of what’s happening on your accounts.

Protecting yourself
Guard your pin
Guard your PIN

Your PIN is the key to your card. Never share your PIN with anyone.

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Protect your ID and personal info

Keep your identity safe by following these basic but crucial security tips.

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Shop safely online

Be careful when using your personal and card information to shop online.

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Guard against debit order fraud

Give once-off approval on new debit orders before they can be processed.

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Scammers can reach you by email, SMS or phone call. Know their modus operandi.

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Card fraud

Get all the guidance you need to safeguard your bank and credit cards.

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Cheque fraud

Know more about the different types of cheque fraud you could encounter.

3D Secure content tile
3D Secure

The aim of 3D Secure is to help prevent card fraud by obtaining full authentification for all ecommerce transactions.

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Anti-Money Laundering

Merchants are at the forefront of public trading and are often actively transacting with members of the public, on the Internet and on mobi-sites.

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Fraud and Chargebacks

For merchants, chargebacks can be inconvenient, time-consuming and costly as you can lose both the Rand value of the transaction and the related goods or services.