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Payment holiday for students
To provide financial relief as we face the Coronavirus pandemic, we are providing our students with a payment holiday for 3 months from 01 April 2020*.
*Terms and conditions apply
Payment relief for businesses
To provide financial relief as we face the Coronavirus pandemic, we are providing our small enterprise customers a payment holiday for 3 months from 01 April 2020*.
*Terms and conditions apply
Manage your finances from anywhere
In the event of being home bound, you can rest assured that you can manage your finances from the comfort of your home using our Banking App or Internet Banking.
Get a loan & save 2%* on your interest rate
Apply for a personal loan via Internet Banking or Banking App
*Ts&Cs apply


Get a student loan at 9.75%* interest rate
Apply via our website and get your loan at prime interest rate
*Ts&Cs apply
Travel restrictions due to COVID-19?
If you need to cancel or delay any bookings made via UCount’s Travel Mall, please email [email protected]. We will accommodate you as soon as possible.
*T&Cs Apply
Increase your overdraft limit online
Login to apply | Get access to money immediately
*Ts&Cs apply


Is the digital you…the real you?
Verify and strengthen your online banking identity with DigiME

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Introducing Standard Bank Mobile

Get your monthly bank account fees back in airtime or data when using our Standard Bank SIM Card.

Get free data as you swipe your bank cards.

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Once you’ve opened your account with us, you’re free to do your banking through any channel or device.

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Should I Buy a New or Used Car
Should I buy a new or used car?

Weigh up the pros and cons before you decide on buying brand-new or preowned.

savings and investments
Wedding Budget and Savings Tips
Wedding budget and savings tips

Dreaming of a perfect wedding to start your happily ever after? They can be costly affairs, but with a sound wedding budget and savings plan you could afford your perfect day.

5 Types of Personal Laons
5 Types of personal loans

A brief guide explaining the various types of personal loans available.

Home Buying Tips for First-Timers
Home buying tips for first-timers

Buying your first home is exciting, but it can also be little scary. Make sure your joy is not overshadowed by concerns about debt with these home buying tips.

7 Steps for Online Share Trading
7 Steps for online share trading

Thanks to online share trading, anyone with a computer can invest in the stock market. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to start trading online and building your investment portfolio.

Swipe Your Way to Ucount Rewards
Swipe your way to UCount Rewards

Get rewarded for shopping with Standard Bank’s UCount Rewards. Here’s how you can earn and redeem your points for greater rewards.

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Using any qualifying Standard Bank personal Credit, Cheque or Debit card.


Rewards points on all your qualifying purchases.


Rewards points in four easy ways. Improve your tier and qualify for more points.