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Increase your loan limit online

How to increase your Revolving Loan or Overdraft limit

Do you have a Revolving Loan or Overdraft with us and need to top-up your funds? We have made it easy for you to increase your limits from the comfort of your own home by enabling you to do it online.

As living costs increase over time, your financial needs also change. A lot could have changed since you last applied for your Revolving Loan or Overdraft  with Standard Bank. Perhaps you moved homes, changed jobs or got married. Maybe everything is still the same, but you need access to more funds in case of unexpected expenses. Whatever your reason, changing your loan or overdraft limit shouldn’t be a hassle.
How do I increase my existing Revolving Loan limit?

  • Sign into Internet Banking
  • Click on the Borrow tab
  • Navigate to the Revolving Credit Plan tile and select Increase My Limit
  • Complete the affordability assessment to see how much you qualify for
  • If your limit increase has been approved*, you will receive an estimated quote
  • Select Continue and follow the easy steps to complete the process

*Approval is subject to credit checks and Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) requirements.

How do I increase my existing Overdraft limit?

  • Sign into Internet Banking
  • Click on the Transact tab and navigate to Manage
  • Select Overdraft Limit to change your limit
  • Alternatively, you can change your limit at AutoPlus ATMs

What are the benefits of increasing my limit?

  1. Emergency back-up
    If you have an emergency or unexpected expense, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have access to extra funds without applying for a new loan.
  2.  Helps avoid too many loans
    If you need extra money you might think of taking out another loan. However, by increasing your Revolving Loan or Overdraft limit, you don’t have to stress about paying off different loans or accounts every month.
  3.  Improves your credit score
    Taking out a new loan, credit card or overdraft can shorten the length of your credit history. Simply put, a longer credit history can improve your credit score, which is why it’s recommended to rather increase the limit of your Revolving Loan or Overdraft.

We do our best to make banking as easy and convenient as possible for you. So; sit back, relax, and increase your loan limit from the comfort of your couch.